Ram temple exists at Ayodhya’s disputed site: RSS

Flag_of_Rashtriya_Swayamsevak_SanghLUCKNOW: Now, the Rashtriya Swayemsewak Sangh (RSS) has claimed that there exists a Ram temple at Ayodhya and there was no dispute over that. The need of the hour is to have a grand temple at the place, RSS general secretary Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi said. 

The issue has never been off the discussion table, he further said while replying to a question whether Ram mandir issue came up for the discussion during the RSS three-day national executive meet that concluded on Sunday. RSS doesn’t have a doubt that a grand temple would come up in Ayodhya, the RSS general secretary said and added since the Modi-led government has clearly mention the issue in all its agenda, “we feel that some time should be given to the government, we should give at a least a few years to the government”. 

One thing however, is a foregone conclusion that a temple existed at the disputed site, Bhaiyyaji claimed and added that the regular prayers being offered at the site was testimony to the fact. Since the matter is pending in the Supreme Court, the matter would take some time, he further said. Interestingly, RSS also adopted a compassionate approach towards Union government over the issue of black money. “RSS believes that if the government has promised to bring back black money, they will do so. It is for the government to sort out the technicalities attached to the issue,” Bhaiyyaji said. While Sangh functionaries were more candid on the Ram mandir issue, their definition of Hindu on Monday Hindutva hinted towards departure from their earlier stand. Defining Hindu, the RSS general secretary said that anyone who follows the tenets of Hinduism and believes in its tradition and custom is a Hindu. 

Adding to it he said that those who claim themselves to be Hindus are Hindus. The definition is somewhat in contrast to RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s earlier claim that all those who live in Hindustan are Hindus like those who live in Germany are Germans. Claiming that there has been no concerted effort on bringing members of particular community into sangh fold, Bhaiyyaji said that all were welcomed to join Sangh. His reply came on a question whether the RSS has been open to Muslims joining Sangh. Later, elaborating on the discussions during the three-day meet, the RSS general secretary said that RSS has decided to take up the issue related to environment concern in the big way. No wonder, the sangh members had been planting trees and making aware on the environment, now there would be special focus, he said and added that no resolution on any issue be it political or economic has been passed during the three day meet. 

Source: The Times of India