Register for the Historical World Hindu Congress – November 21-23, 2014, New Delhi




On behalf of the World Hindu Congress and we would like to invite (attached) you to participate at the World Hindu Congress Event starting from November 21st to 23rd, 2014 at The Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. The WHC has been organized by World Hindu Foundation to encourage Hindus to ascend to the highest levels of the excellence in different fields.


The World Hindu Congress will be blessed by the presence of top notch Hindu dignitaries from India and overseas. Hindu academicians, industrialists, businessmen, parliamentarians, legislators, media personalities, leaders and representatives of various Hindu organizations, temples, associations and institutions from more than 40 countries are invited to attend this historical World Hindu Congress-2014. The congress has seven different forums: Media, youth, women, political, economics, hindu organizations and education. Each forum is a conference in itself.


Our forefathers have worked hard to nourish and preserve Hindu society. Hindus continue to face disadvantage and discrimination vis-a-vis other communities. The responses to any such challenges are complex and will have to be addressed outside of the current institutional framework. It is appropriate to commemorate to celebrate our valiant legacy. Now is the time for the present generation of Hindus to take this legacy forward and to assume the implied responsibility of shaping and nurturing Hindu unity and organization throughout the world.


We look forward for your confirmation at your earliest convenience.


Please plan to attend this historic and exciting conference. 

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Source: World Hindu Congress