Report of HJS activities of HJS during April 2015 in Kerala

hjshdr1. Prasar on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti

1. A. Book exhibitions held at different places : On 4.4.2015, on the occasion of Hanuman Jayanti, book exhibition was held at 3 places. It received good response from ‘jidnyasus’. Many copies of short-book on ‘Hanuman’ were also sold.

1. B. HJS organizes lecture on Hanuman Jayanti : Shri. Ranjit, a devout Hindu had organized program of devotional songs and lecture at a hall near his house on the day of Hanuman Jayanti. HJS members were extended invitation for giving lecture.  I (Kum. Pranita Sukhthankar) spoke on ‘Hanuman Jayanti and Dharmacharan’. The program was attended by 40 people. HJS members were asked to recite ‘aarti’ of Hanuman while concluding the program; although it was in Marathi, permission was granted to sing the same. Exhibition of flex boards on ‘Dharma-shikshan’ was also held at the venue.  

2. Bal-sanskar activities

2. A. Increasing attendance in Bal-sanskar classes : Bal-sanskar classes were conducted for children during the month of April; continuously for 5 weeks at Shri. Janardan Swami Temple in Kochi; 35 children attended the same. Topics like ‘How to have ‘darshan’ in a temple’, ‘Eating habits and rules to be followed’ etc. were taken up during the classes. Flex boards on these topics were also shown in Bal-sanskar classes. It was observed that such things increased participation of children in class.

2. B. Guidance by HJS on ‘Personality development’ and exhibition on ‘Achar-Dharma’ during camp held by ‘Mata Amrutanandamayee Mutt’ for children : Two days camp was organized at Changanasheri, Kottayam District of Kerala for children by ‘Mata Amrutanandamayee Mutt’. One session was conducted by HJS on the topic of ‘Personality development’. 124 children participated in the camp. An exhibition of ‘Achar-Dharma’ was also held on the occasion, in the area. The organizers of camp insisted that the children visited the exhibition.

Source: Hindu Janajagruti Samiti