Return of Kashmiri Pandits

jammu-and-kashmirKashmiri Pandits are in the 25th year of their exile during which they have faced denial and deprivation of human rights. The return, restitution and retention of KPs as a concentrated religious Hindu Community shall be the real test of the will of the central government. Kashmir imbroglio will not find any headway towards solution and peace will elude unless KPs are rehabilitated and returned in the Valley and made part of every dialogue process as a stake holder.

It is the constitutional and political duty of Government of India and the Jammu and Kashmir Government to repatriate the entire exiled KP community back to their homeland/Valley of Kashmir with honour, decency and pride. It is the duty of Government of India to get the reasons and circumstances of death and destruction unleashed by militants probed and fix the responsibility for killings of innocent citizens and genocide and exodus of KPs. This needs to begin as a healing touch policy qua KPs. The central government has the strength of numbers in the Parliament and a massive mandate. It is hoped that Government of India shall revisit K-policy by demonstrating political will and large heartedness in dealing with it while focusing on return, rehabilitation, relief and security of KPs back in the homeland/Kashmir valley.

KPs are dismayed by grant of Rs.500Crs. only to already existing UPA package of 1600 Crs. thus making its total only Rs 2100 Crs. The government seems to have been guided by callous bureaucratic advise rather than harsh political and economic realities and the colossal loss of lives, properties and the death and destruction suffered by KPs all these years. Therefore the union finance minister is requested liberally fund the return package to make it at least 10,000 Crs.plan/package.

The consultations with KP representatives becomes imperative for taking into account the entire gamut of the present and future problems. KPs are a religious minority, and this calls for due statutory recognition. Constitution of a minority commission shall be one of the measure in this direction. GOI shall start a structured dialogue with KPs for designing a comprehensive time bound package for return and rehabilitation. It shall not take more than two to three years for its implementation.

Source: Kashmir Times