Reverberation Of Hinduism

I am a proud Hindu. Unlike many in our own religion, I am not ashamed of proclaiming the same. The beauty and veracity of this religion has its rootsway back to the ages when rest of the world was living like apes in trees and caves. It is a sad impunity that, the religion that speaks of many aspects of life, not just about itself, is systematically pushed to the brink of oblivion and mass scale sabotage. And the sabotage is nothing like a new found exaggeration. The sabotage in fact started right after the independence, when we allowed a clueless commie like Jawaharlal Nehru to become our first priminister. It is about time that the religion is spoken about and the powers that be, who have made it their sole motto in life to discard and disintegrate Hinduism, must be exposed. It is time, Hinduism is protected and preserved to its original glory, or else, time will come when Hindus of this country would be driven away from their own states, like they were from Kashmir in early eighties. Don’t believe me? Then look at West Bengal and Kerala. They are almost there.
How this happened? Who is to blame? Of course there are those who are more responsible than others, and they would certainly be held accountable. But again, truth be told; if you are looking for the guilty then you need only look into a mirror. We all are responsible for this decay of our religion. We all have a role in this mass scale disruption of our religion. We are responsible because, we are a bunch of highly ungrateful entities. We are the same loathsome unit who feels ashamed to love our own religion. We are a congregation of louts, who feel, being religious is such an unfashionable thing on this present day of Facebook and Twitter. Time has come to change that perception, or else, history won’t be too kind in exposing our hypocrisy and incompetence in time to come.
As they say, knowledge can come from unexpected quarters. It is not always the big wicks of Hinduism like Shri Shri or Ramdev, those can elevate your doubts to polished clarity. In my life, I have met many saints and sages. Few of them are renowned while many are the nameless and faceless who work untiringly to uphold the sanctity of our religion. I ask all of them, among many, a common question. What is Hinduism means for them? Most of them answered back with that standard articulation – Hinduism is a way of life. But the best answer I got for my niggling question is from a commoner, who is not a saint, but seems to have immense knowledge of our religion. I am glad that I met him by chance. According to him, Hinduism is all about loving everything around us; living or dead. A Hindu loves everything, not because he doesn’t have any other option but because a Hindu simply doesn’t know how to hate. Bang-on, I would say. This might sound little over simplification of a complex subject like religion but nonetheless, the explanation matches perfectly to what I was searching for, all this while.
Now getting back to the issue of incapacitation of our religion. Rather a systematic subverting at that. We will get to individuals a little later but first let’s look at groups who have made it their mission to show Hinduism in bad light. How many times you have seen our movies depicting a Hindu as a bad omen in the whole plot? Knowing the number of liberals that crowd our Bollywood, this phenomenon is more than expected but then, there should be facts behind every mission; good or bad. The same lot, that finds it quite easy to malign Hindus at any given opportunity, seldom are seen going ballistic on any other religion. I know fear of your life scatters away every sensibility of yours but then, are Hindus such innocent preys? Why an atrocious character against Muslims has to be one Rathore, Suryavanshi or Mishra? The character not only has to be a Hindu but an upper caste Hindu. Recently I saw the movie ‘Shaurya’. It’s a good movie but copied, scene-by-scene from the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Men Of Honor’. I still give that to Bollywood because there is a severe scarcity of ideas out here. So that is fine. My worry is not that they have shamelessly copied it yet again but lies in the context of the movie. To make a movie to show our armed forces as a bunch of louts doing all kinds of inhuman acts in the valley is little absurd. Do the copycats realize how many of our soldiers we lose every year in that place? They perhaps never would realize because they simply don’t care. While ‘Men Of Honor’ has a genuine message, copying that vis-à-vis Hindu atrocities against the Muslims of this nation is way out of place and flabbergasting. And hang-on, the story revolves around a place from where thousands of Hindu Kasmiri Pundits were thrown out. Do these messiahs of humanity have the gall to make a movie on that shameful exodus? They won’t because Hindus are perpetually bad. So anything wrong happening to the Hindus is justified. And when the movie equates the atrocities of whites against the blacks in USA (that is what is shown in Men Of Honor) with that of the imaginary Hindus against the Muslims in India, there where things starts to look ugly. Blacks were so much deprived of their rights that there was multiple numbers of uprisings in history to balance the society. Is the scenario same here with Muslims of India? Being in a sovereign nation, Muslims still enjoy their own form of civil code; they enjoy article 370 which literally hands over the exclusive rights of an Indian region in their hands. We had a priminister who once said, Muslims have the first rights to all national resources. White-Black indifference is same as Hindu-Muslim divide in India? Seriously?
And who are the star cast & crew of this movie? Yes the usual suspects, the liberals who always uphold the nationalism by downplaying Hindus. The cast list is led by the cool dude, the actor of substance and the second biggest liberal after Nehru, the one and only Rahul Bose; the same Rahul Bose who is seen hobnobbing with other liberals’ par-excellence like Nandita Das and Mahesh Bhatt. Rahul Bose is a proud member of the notorious group of everlasting Pakistan and Kashmiri separatist apologists. And as expected, Rahul Bose has to fight against two nasty Hindus to save one Javed Khan in the movie. As if the absurdity and lie peddling hasn’t gone through the roof by the end of the movie, the idea of listing out the number of inhuman acts of Indian Army in the valley has to be played out. And that is not all. They ask the greatest secular India has ever produced; another grade-1 Pakistan sympathizer, Sharukh Khan to narrate what exactly ‘Shaurya’ stands for; to all of us. I agree there are atrocities of our Army in Kashmir but is the movie a holistic approach in discussing the issue or a plain and filthy attempt at defaming the Indian Army is general and Hindus in particular? If you haven’t seen it then I must urge you to watch the movie first.
Even we have allowed foreigners to malign our religion. How come so indifferent we have become to our own identity? I remember the history teacher of my school days. He once said – write your own history or else some foreigner after seeing great monuments like Konark would say; when Konark temple was built, people of Odisha and in general India were naked. And boy, don’t you see the words of my teacher reflecting on the filthy work of a certain Wendy Doniger through her book – ‘The Hindus’? She could muster courage to bundle Hinduism in one word ‘Sexuality’ because she knew, her filth would go unchallenged among Hindus. She knew it because we are basically incompetent to defend what we stand for. She also knew that, there would be ample liberal frauds in India like Alcoholic Aiyar who would support her lewdness in the name of secularism and vote bank. Do you think these liberals would have tolerated and supported, had she written such abject obscenity against Muslims and their religion? I mean, would our liberals have allowed the book to be published in India at the first place? Who we should blame here? Wendy Doniger or Alcoholic Aiyer or ourselves only? The Alcoholic Aiyars, the Digvijay Singhs, the Mulayam Yadavs, The Lalus and the Donigers of the world are just the symptoms. The real malaise lies within all Hindus, who let these highly communal and charlatan individuals to spread their poison against Hindus and Hinduism.
Even lesser know people, people who fancy to throw their penny worth at every damn instance, don’t let their notorious attempt in maligning Hinduism go unnoticed. Below is the direct incepts of a comment I received in one of my recently published blogs. Just look at the hate. Look at the hate for me…err..for all Hindus like me. And the suspect goes by the name Cynthia Pinto. Does the name sounds logical enough to have her hate against Hindus? May be, may be not but the lunacy coming from her becomes too obvious knowing or rather guessing her own religion. After all, people have started to object mass scale conversion so that converted souls like her would be few and far to find in near future. Never mind, what is there in the name? Or is there? Readher comment –

You sound like a very anti minority person to me. by taking citations from Mahabarata you are trying to propagate Hindutva through a very vicious manner. How different are you from the fanatic Muslim clerics, may I ask so. Everyone is entitled to their own opinionsand views. Why do you sound so anguish taking it so personally? I’m pro Modi as well, I’m very happy he has become our PM, not because he represents the Hindus or he is from BJP but because of his governance beyond excellence in Gujarat alone. So please refrain from being so obnoxiously cynical.

Anti-minority, I am that is. Really? And what are my specific crimes to receive such a wrath? I did the unpardonable sin of citing a verse from ‘Bhagwat Gita’ in the blog. So I naturally become anti-minority and communal with that. Citing a verse from ‘Bhagwat Gita’ is equivalent to being a fanatic Muslim Cleric who advocates killing people for the heck of it. God save these myopic morons. And by the way, I was propagating vicious Hindutwa agendas. Vicious agendas? Hope she understands the meaning of the word she has written. If at all anything vicious about propagating a particular religion is concerned, then one must not look much beyond the mushrooming missionaries with an aim to convert as much poor Hindus to Christianity as possible. That is vicious agenda, my dear lady; not citing a verse from ‘Bhagwat Gita’. If you have the slightest of interest to know Hinduism then consider reading ‘Bhagwat Gita’ before commenting anything about Hinduism or Hindus. I know, your bankrupt brain won’t make you understand the veracity of ‘Bhagwat Gita’ but it will at least clear the clutter of confusion in your head about vicious agendas. But again, Cynthia Pinto is, as I said, a symptom. Problem is with us for letting such people with pea size brain to abuse our religion freely.

Wake up Hindus…wake up. Or is the alarm bell not ringing for too long a period of time?

Source: Being Cynical