RK Misson Open Meditation Center in Fiji

287442thumbmTHE lack of spiritual learning in schools prompted the Ramakrishna Mission to build a $2million universal meditation centre in Nadi.

The centre was inaugurated by leaders of the Christian, Hindu and Muslim faiths yesterday and will serve as a meditation spot for people of all faiths.

Ramakrishna Mission secretary Swami Tadananda Maharaj said the planning started in 2010 and the building was designed by 2011.

“Construction started in August 2012 and it has taken about two years and three months to complete the project.”

Mr Maharaj said 95 per cent of high schools in Fiji were run by NGOs who looked after the building and maintenance of schools.

“However, the NGOs are not having that impact that we want to contribute to the education,” he said.

Source: The Fiji Times