RSS must unite society and has to be fearless: Mohan Bhagwat

IndiaTvd50539_mohanRashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday said it was the responsibility of the organization to unite the society even as VHP insisted that ‘ghar wapsi” programmes will continue.

“The Sangh has to unite the entire society. It has to make an example of its character and it has to be fearless”, he said at a function here but made no direct reference to the ongoing controversy over the reconversion programmes being undertaken by various Sangh Parivar outfits.

“India is in a position today when there is a lot of hope from it and it has a lot of potential. The need is for the whole country to walk together with determination to realise that potential. The skill of integrating people will be put to use now. Integrate, integrate,” Bhagwat said releasing a book on late RSS chief Rajju Bhaiyya.

Speaking on the occasion, VHP Patron Ashok Singhal insisted ‘ghar-wapsi’ events will continue.

Senior RSS and BJP leaders had recently met apparently to discuss recent rows over conversion and some caused by aggressive comments of a few BJP members as many in government believe it is hurting Modi’s developmental agenda.

Referring to opposition parties’ protests in Parliament during the winter session over it, Singhal said those wishing to “destroy” Hindu faith want to have their say.

He demanded that government bring anti-conversion law to stop conversion as population of Hindus is declining.

“Today Hindu society is rising on its own strength. You will have to hear it and not only that but you will have to do something for it,” he said.

“Government must think over it where this will (conversion) go on or it will bring a stringent law to stop it,” he said.

Defending ‘ghar wapsi’ for Muslims and Christians, Singhal said it was only for those who wanted to be “reconnected” with their old culture and religion.

Apparently referring to ongoing row over conversion, Singhal said these kind of debates should stop if Hindus work to protect their religion, language and culture.

“Those who come back with their own choice and wish to reconnect with their original identity, then this work should be allowed. This is what is happening and will happen,” he said.

Pitching for anti-conversion law, he said India was full of spritualism and there was no need for proselytizing here. An organisations like VHP is branded communal if it works for the interest of 100 crore Hindus.

He said Hindus have also worked for the welfare of the whole mankind and will continue to do so.

Praising Rajju Bhaiyya, Bhagwat said his main goal was always to help the people at the centre of all works and he had a knack of connecting with others. “He touched everbody in his own way and they all remembered him,” he said.

Source: Financial Express