RSS Not to Retaliate against CPM-sponsored Violence’

Flag_of_Rashtriya_Swayamsevak_SanghTHIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has made it clear that it will not retaliate against the heinous act of murder as it wants people’s conscience to be awakened against CPM-sponsored violence.

“The CPM has been engaging quotation gangs to attack our cadre. They used a quotation gang to murder K T Jayakrishnan.

The members of the same gang were involved in the recent murders of our cadre, including Kannur Sharirik Shikshan Pramukh Elmathottathil Manoj,” said RSS Prantha Kariavah P Gopalankutty while speaking to Express on Friday.

He said that thousands of people from various sections of the society joined the procession carrying Manoj’s body.

Several among them had never been sympathisers of the RSS, BJP or any other Sangh Parivar outfit. It shows that people in Kannur are against CPM-sponsored violence.

Asked how the RSS could pacify the sentiments of the cadre as there are several among the cadre who wish to give a tit for tat response to the CPM, Gopalankutty said it was a fact that they had to reach out to its grassroot-level cadre to address their sentiments and convince the logic behind refraining from retaliating in the same way.

“If we also begin to take revenge, it will not end anywhere. Instead, we are now urging the government to resort to legal measures to trace not only the culprits who are directly involved but to book the conspirators behind the murder,” Gopalankutty said.

He said that the government had assured them to consider their demand for handing over the case to a Central agency.

“We have not asked for any particular agency. It can be the CBI or the NIA.  Both the Home Minister and the Chief Minister assured us of favourable action,” Gopalankutty said.

He pointed out that any state police agency might be able to  book the culprits who are directly involved in the murder. But it requires a Central probe to book quotation gang members.

“Vikraman, one of the accused in Manoj murder, had also been part of the T P Chandrasekharan murder case.

Rajeesh, one of the accused in the TP case, also made it clear that Vikraman was part of the TP murder and K T Jayakrishnan murder cases and Vikraman had already left the state,” the RSS Prantha Kariavah said.

Asked whether the BJP’s plan to launch a massive membership campaign anyway had influenced the RSS to refrain from taking revenge, Gopalankutty said the decision was taken at the Sangh level and it had nothing to do with the BJP campaign.

“The CPM wants to retain its cadre by hooking them in criminal cases, including murder. The CPM would achieve its aim of ensuring its members’ enmity to us if we retaliate.  We will convince our cadre about the CPM ploy,” he said.

Gopalankutty feels that in case the real culprits get booked  and are brought to justice, it can effectively check the violence to a certain extent.

Source: The New Indian Express