RSS Supports strong law against conversion: Pradip Joshi, Arunachala Pradesh

Namsai.The unique social mosaic of our ancient nation-state Bharat is co-existential, not competitive. The recent tension in our society is the by-product of conversion by means of allurements which is a dangerous trend to disbalance the inherent socio-cultural fabric which should be stopped at any cost. Those who are against forcible conversion should come forward to enact a strong law in the Parliament against religious conversion without politicising the matter on which lies the basic social character of our motherland Bharat, thus spoke Shri Pradip Joshi, RSS Prant Pracharak of Arunachal Pradesh here at the Chownok Auditorium ground.
Addressing a gathering of dignitaries, public leaders and locals in the concluding function of the seven day Initial Training Camp (ITC) , Shri Pradip Joshi stressed on the cultural heritage of our ancient nation drawing parallel to what Dr. Annie Besant had said that without Hinduism Bharat will lose its basic identity. Bharat is a role model of universal love, peace and non-violence essentially because the majority living here is Hindu.
According to Shri Josh, Hinduism never teaches violence and its track record says that Hindusthan has never attacked any foreign nation in the pages of history of international relations. He stressed that this unique preservation of our socio-religious identity will enhance world peace and universal tolerance. Nevertheless, Joshi adds that our countrymen should realise the true message of India to the world, that is, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, and act as a catalyst to beget this dream.
While criticising the recent massacre in Assam where 81 innocents got killed and the brutal shooting of 141 school children and staff in Peshawar, Shri Pradip Joshi pointed out the wrong preaching of religions will definitely lead our only earth to catastrophe and self-destruction. He asked the audience to spread the message of truth, love and spirituality of Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta bestowed by the Lord Shri Krishna 5051 years ago to make our society a better place to live in. Seeing the great contribution of this eternal epic, Shri Joshi highlighted Shrimad Bhagawat Geeta should be affirmed as our national treasure. The youth of today must understand these never-faded songs of truth.
The other speaker of the day Ven Aga Dhamma, the spiritual head of the Buddhist monastic order of Namsai said that real happiness and peace of our society lies in national unity which must be enhanced at any cost. Drawing parallel between the Buddhist Monastery “Sangha” and “Sangh” that is RSS, both of which work for the walfare of our society. Ven Aga Dhamma said both the missions should proceed forward for betterment.
In a noteworthy development in this program, Shri Tasaso Yun, eminent, social worker and RSS Jilla Karywah, was awarded the prestigious annual Late Narayan Govind Bhde Memorial award for his lifetime dedication to the cause of social upliftment, reforms and faith preservation. The award included a cheque of Rs. 11,000 and a memento. In the concluding day of ITC, the Namsai Townshipsaw a magnificent route march by disciplined swayamsevaks in tune with the band.