RSS working with a goal to ensure “unity” of the country

Hindus cannot be terrorists, says Ram Madhav

Hindus cannot be terrorists, says Ram Madhav

Citing a 1995 judgement by a Supreme Court bench one Hindutva, the RSS on Thursday said the term “Hindu terrorism” was coined by certain sections with an objective to “malign” the image of RSS.

“To call Hindu a terrorist is a glaring contradiction. This term is floated only to malign this organisation,” RSS spokesman Ram Madhav told reporters in an informal chat in Bhopal.

“Since 2008, some members of the community have been arrested in at least five cases pertaining to terrorism “but as no chargesheet is filed in any of these cases, none of the arrested persons could get bail”, Ram Madhav said. He said RSS has been working with a goal to ensure “unity” of the country.

Former Chief Justice of Supreme Court Gajendragadkar in 1966 and Justice J S Verma in 1995 had explained in their detailed judgements that Hinduism is the way of life,” Ram Madhav said. He said the matter might come up again before a seven-judge bench of the Supreme Court in March this year.

Source: IBN