Sadhu Vaswani’s 134th Birthday Celebrate

Leading up to Sadhu Vaswani’s 134th birth anniversary on November 25, a five-day celebration commenced on Wednesday with a peace march. On Saturday, a Rath Yatra, a chariot of peace for the unity of all religions, was also organised from Sadhu Vaswani’s Sacred Samadhi. Carrying the life-like statue of Sadhu Vaswani, the chariot travelled through about 5 km from Council Hall ended at the samadhi.

The peace march saw a gathering of more than 7,000 people. The chief guest was actor Girish Kumar Taurani, who supported Dada JP Vaswani in the march to “Stop All Killing”. The actor appealed to the crowd to observe November 25 as Meatless Day. “The thought of limiting yourself from eating meat will make a huge step towards vegetarianism,” he said.

Addressing the followers, Dada Vaswani said, “There will be no peace on earth until we stop killing animals for the simple reason that if we can kill an animal, we can kill a human being.”

Other dignitaries who were part of the march included model and actor Anuja Shinde, Dr KH Sancheti and Dr K M Gangwal. City mayor Chanchala Kodre flagged off the Peace March together with Dada Vaswani. Many schools and colleges also participated in the event.

Source: Indian Express