Saraswati river search

saras1New Delhi, Aug 12: Water resources minister Uma Bharati today told the Lok Sabha the government was on the job to detect and revive the Saraswati river, which some consider mythical but others believe is lost.

“I have asked the groundwater recharge authorities to collect information, detect and revive the water sources and the roots of the river Saraswati. The Narendra Modi government is committed to detect and revive Saraswati as there is scientific evidence for its existence,” Uma said in reply to an issue raised by a BJP MP.

She added that Modi had done a lot of work in Gujarat to try to trace the river.

Revival of the Saraswati river has been close to the heart of the Sangh parivar and there were efforts in this direction during the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government too.

BJP MPs have been raising issues connected with the Sangh ideology almost on a daily basis, with a ban on cow slaughter the most popular.

Source: The Telegraph