Sikh and Hindu religions had the fastest rates of growth, Auckland census shows

Latest Census information confirms Auckland has the highest median household income in the country.
Statistics New Zealand on Tuesday released an overview of data from the 2013 census covering the country’s 16 regions.
The median annual income for Auckland households rose from about $63,400 to $76,500 between the 2006 and 2013 censuses. The national median is $63,800.
Some 36.2 percent of households in Auckland report an income of $100,000 or more.
Development West Coast says figures showing the South Island area has had the biggest growth in household income are not accurate. Household income for the West Coast increased 45.5 percent, from $51,000 to $63,000.
The chairman of Development West Coast, John Sturgeon, said on Tuesday the figures are inaccurate and gloss over the hard economic times the region is facing.
Mr Sturgeon said the census was carried out when contractors and developers were working at the Pike River mine and if a census was done today, the West Coast would probably have the lowest household income for the country.
Auckland also has the highest proportion of religious people in New Zealand.
Some 59.6 percent of Aucklanders identified with a religion in the 2013 census, compared with 55 percent nationally.
It was also the only region with an increase in the total number of religious people, up 1.2 percent since 2006.
The Sikh and Hindu religions had the fastest rates of growth, respectively.
Smoking rates
Statistics New Zealand also provided regional smoking rates.
Otago had more than 7000 fewer smokers than in 2006 – a decline of 25.6 percent and the largest regional smoking decline.
In Marlborough, the number of smokers aged 15 to 19 dropped the most, decreasing 55.1 percent since 2006.
Quitline chief executive Paula Snowden says the numbers vindicate years of hard work to reduce smoking. However, she says for that decline to continue, more focus is needed in supporting more Maori and Pacific people to give up.

Source: Radio New Zealand News