Sindhi nationalists call for UN help in preventing violence against Hindus in PAK

Hinduism-is-not-a-ReligionUNITED NATIONS – A group of Jeay Sindh Quomi Mahaz members on Wednesday staged a demonstration in front of the UN building to protest against what they called increasing incidents of persecution and violence, especially of Hindu communities in Sindh province.
Shouting “Jeay Sindh” slogans, they urged UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to take up the matter with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif so as to end the ongoing attacks on the places of Hindu worship, life and property as well the forced conversions of their women.
In a memorandum, the group also sought UN chief’s help to bring an end to disappearances of Sindhi nationalists and political activists.
They also denounced as a “draconian law” the Protection of Pakistan Ordinance.
Those who signed the memorandum were: Dr. Sarang Ansari, Habib Bhutto, Dr. Ghulam Nabi Unar, Attsa Vistro and Paras Noorani.

Source: The Nation