SinghaBahini volunteers reach out to the poor in West Bengal amid Covid-19 lockdown

KOLKATA: “HUNGER HERO” of West Bengal, SinghaBahini has come forward to help the poor and elderly citizens staying alone at home during lockdown in different parts of West Bengal.

SinghaBahini has arranged food on a daily basis for the pavement dwellers of Kolkata as the country went for three weeks of total LockDown due to coronavirus crisis since March 24.

With limited resources and services available amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of people in Kolkata have also come forward to help the destitute and elderly people staying alone at home with lockdown in the city.

Among many, there is one organisation SinghaBahini (Maa Durga and Also Army of Lions) whose name is self-explanatory.

It was set up by the President, Devdutta Maji having a background of nearly 15 years of social work and his team of patriotic people in 2018 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Since morning, Team SinghaBahini is seen busy serving rice, dal and fresh cooked vegetables for people living on pavements, under the flyovers, pedestrian bridges during lockdown. They arranged treatment in emergency. SinghaBahini fed more than 150 people on the footpath of the city since the lockdown started on a daily basis.

The organisation is also feeding the hungry, focusing primarily on poor people of West Bengal during this LockDown period.

They have already given one month essential food items to 3400 people in six districts of West Bengal and two days ration to 2,980 villagers and daily labourers.

“Our team members are always with the poor and needy not only for the Corona Virus crisis but also round the year,” SinghaBahini President Devdutta Maji said adding he is part of a team consisting of highly committed patriots.

The patriots raised money to support the Delhi riot victims, raised money for the family of Kamlesh Tiwari, help the Hindu Refugees of Pakistan living in Delhi and Rajasthan. Now the team is raising money for the poorest of the poor who are struggling to arrange food for themselves due to this curse of Convid19.

Kolkatans said we should be very grateful to warriors like Maji and his fellow activists, supporters and donors. Willing co-warriors like Social Worker & Film Producer Manish Mundra, a large group of patriotic Hindu NRIs, and many others are working tirelessly to fight this and help people to pass through extremely difficult times due  to corona crisis.

Maji is requesting people to donate maximum for the cause so that the poorest of the poor living in remote villages gets something to eat and survive.

Source: Bharat Katha