Sleazy Congress has no right to lecture anyone on morality & Hinduism

Sleazy Congress has no moral right to lecture anyone

Elections are on and mudslinging is at its height in the Indian politics. Questions are being raised as to why Modi did not recognise his wife Jasodhaben in the affidavits he filed as the Gujarat Chief Minister.

The Congress has made this an election issue and asked how Indian women can trust a man who cannot respect his own wife.

The Congress has no right to talk about women’s rights. Let’s start from the time when Sushil Sharma, a youth Congress leader and MLA tried to burn his wife Naina Sahni’sbody parts in a tandoor after killing her mercilessly just because he suspected that his wife was in a relation with another youth Congress member. Sushil Sharma is serving a life term for this heinous crime.

Then there was the case of Manu Sharma, son of influential Haryana Congress leader Vinod Sharma, who shot dead Jessica Lal just because she refused to serve him alcohol. For years, Jessica’s family was denied justice because the politician used his clout to muzzle the case.

The Congress claims that women’s rights issue is their top priority. Haryana Congress Government Minister Gopal Kanda forced a young girl Geetika to commit suicide because she did not agree to entertain his sexual advances.

How can we forget senior Congress leader ND Tiwari who was nominated as the Governor of Andhra Pradesh by the Congress-led UPA Government. He was seen in a video clip in a compromising position with three women. Tiwari also had to accept one Rohit Shekhar as his biological son after fighting a court case.

Rajasthan Congress Government Minister Mahipal Maderna got Bhanvari devi (mother of two) killed after she threatened to expose his relationship with her. There was a CD in which Bhanvari devi was in compromising position with Mahipal Maderana. Leela Maderna (his wife) has been given a ticket by the Congress for Lok Sabha election.

Harak Singh Rawat, former Uttarakhand Congress Minister was booked in a molestationcase of a 30-year-old woman.

Please see the BBC’s photos of Nehru with Edwina and four women at diving board of aswimming pool in London in early 1950s in Britain.

Source: Niti Central