Sri Aurobindo Conference – May 4th to 5th

Main Objectives 
  • To highlight the relevance of Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga for everyday  life. 
  • To mainstream the ideas and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo in the contemporary world.
  • To discuss his novel ideas, like the ideal of Human Unity and the Religion of Humanity and their significance for national and international organizations.
  • To provide a platform for scholars specializing in Sri Aurobindo, and develop close interaction among them.


About the Conference

Sri Aurobindo’s contribution cannot be confined to a particular discipline as his genius touched almost every branch of human knowledge.  It is impossible to cover all of his ideas and philosophy in a single conference.


The conference would cover some aspects of his philosophy and its applicability to contemporary problems confronting the human society and the world.  Despite the profundity of his philosophy and its wider implications, Sri Aurobindo and his ideas are relatively less known in the West and there have been few events to make an in-depth study of his philosophy.  The conference aims to fill this gap.  It is not only interested in the theoretical aspect of Sri Aurbindo’s philosophy, but also its practical and educational aspects.



The conference is open all interested in Sri Aurobindo, his ideas and Indian Philosophy.


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Source: World Hindu News (WHN)