Statues stolen from Chinese temple in Penang

thievesPETALING JAYA: Two century-old statues were reported stolen from a Chinese temple in Bayan Baru here.

Over the past two months, four Hindu temples have been attacked, with statues destroyed.

Police have set up a high-level team to investigate these cases.

In the case of the Chinese temple, the statues of child deities “Nazha” and “San Cai Tong Zi”, which had crowns and an armour of gold, were stolen from the Lam Sun Shih Temple in Sungai Nibong Kecil.

Star Online reported that the theft could have happened between 7am and noon on Monday.

The news portal interviewed temple owner Poh Teik Chye, 63, who said he left his house in the morning with his wife.

When he returned at noon, he found that the lock had been cut and the door wide open.

“The two idols were missing.

“An antique box used for donations was also missing.

“There was more than RM1,000 in the box, which was over 80 years old.”