Swami Pranavananda defends hindutva

Mangalore, Oct 17: Swami Pranavananda came before JMFC II court to attend a case hearing filed by Popular Front of India (PFI) and Kommu Sauharda Vedike on ‘Kadaga Deekshe’ in his bid to protect and defend the image of Hindu religion and hindutva, here on Friday, October 17.

Addressing the media in the premises of district court here on Friday, Swami Pranavananda, national president of Bharatiya Kranti Sena said, “We have our goal to protect the Hindu culture of the nation. As the guru of Hindu Samaj, I am leading Hindus towards our goal. Cases will not prevent us from attending the goal. There are several cases against me. Presently, there are 29 cases throughout the state. Those who have filed cases against me are now coming forward to withdraw the cases because they know that they too need to attend the case which is time consuming. I am used to this. In the state, cases are filed against Swamis with a strategy to malign them”.

“We condemn this. We are not dividing the society. We are protecting our culture. We have our aim to make India as Hindurashtra. ‘Hindurashtra’ does not mean that it is against minorities, but they should not go against the nation. Even they are brothers. The anti nation works will be faced rigorously”, he added.

Source: daijiworld.com