Swami Satyananda Gave a Lecture on Meditation at National Technological University Branch in Avellaneda

ARGENTINA, May 2, 2017 (La Ciudad Avellaneda, translated from Spanish): On Friday, April 28, the spiritual teacher of Hindu philosophy, Swami Satyananda, gave the lecture “Meditation: a path to well-being” at the Avellaneda Regional Faculty of the National Technological University. The spiritual master – who approached Hinduism while he was young, moved by the reading of a text that motivated him to follow the path of this philosophy – practiced meditation with those present and remarked on its benefits. “Meditation is superior to thought, it is a process of quieting the mind,” he said.

“The deepest part of this process is to achieve an encounter with our essence, which we do not normally recognize because we are in the most peripheral mind. When I recognize what I am, I then recognize it in others,” said Swami Satyananda, adding that “meditation is completely stripping all kinds of thoughts about me and the world.” “Meditation is transforming us without our realizing it. It generates changes in our lives and in the way we consider ourselves,” he added.

Source: Hinduism Today