Taps run dry as pipe burst floods street in Vashi

VASHI: Residents of various sectors in Vashi on Thursday were without water after a major pipe burst in sector 14 along Juhugaon road.

The pipe burst meant several localities in Vashi did not get any water during the scheduled three-hour supply.

“We did not receive a single drop of water in the morning. We complained to the officials but due to repairs, there was no water even in the evening,” said Malay Soni, a Vashi-based housewife.

The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) realized there was a leak when they switched on the water at 6am. The water flooded out of the pipe, submerging the area. By the time NMMCreached Juhugaon road, over 1,000 litres of water had been wasted. The civic officials only managed to fix the leak by evening, leaving parts of the area without water for the entire day.

“On learning of the major leakage, we plugged the main supply to reduce loss. We rushed our engineering team within an hour of the burst to attend to the fault line. It was a major fault and it took us several hours to restore the supply. Few localities did manage to get some water in the evening,” said Ashok Madhavi, Vashi ward officer.

Source: Times Of India