Tax-free ‘PK’ invites ire of Hindutva groups

2Hindutva groups in Agra continued their protest against the Aamir Khan starrer movie “PK”.

Activists of the Bajrang Dal, Hindu Jagran Manch and Vishwa Hindu Parishad held demonstrations at several places, burnt posters of the film and shouted slogans.

Dharmendra Gola, Madan Sharma, Avinash Rana and other activists questioned the logic behind giving the film tax exemption in Uttar Pradesh.

They criticized Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav for insulting the sentiments of the Hindus by making the film tax free in the state.

Bajrang Dal leader Premendra Jain said tax exemption to “PK” should be immediately withdrawn.

Leaders of the Samajwadi Party and social activists have welcomed the tax exemption to “PK“. Subhash Jain, former corporator, Usha Jain and other SP activists said it was a bold move and the message of the film would get across loud and clear.

Source: The Times of India