BANGLADESH : Temple belonging to Hindus attacked & desecrated, looting, arson committed on 15.12.2015 at Kumarkhai Upazila of Kustia District. Fact finding by BDMW




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BANGLADESH : Temple belonging to Hindus attacked & desecrated, looting, arson committed on 15.12.2015 at Kumarkhai Upazila of Kustia District. Fact finding by BDMW —————-
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please read on —-Persecution of Hindus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   Cached

Persecution of Hindus refers to the religious persecution inflicted upon Hindus. In modern times, … 1971 Bangladesh genocide During the 1971 …

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On Tuesday, December 22, 2015 1:49 PM, BANGLADESH MINORITY WATCH Rabindra <> wrote:
Hindu Temple (Shiva Mandir) attacked & desecrated, looting, arson committed on 15.12.15 at about 11.30 a.m.within Kumarkhali Upazila of Kustia District by some perpetrators. Due to abrupt attack three Hindu Deities a)Laksmi Devi b) Narayan and c) Garur Paki were damaged, their heads were cut off. 50 to 60 Hindu families fled away from the village due to religiously motivated attacks. (The Bangladesh Protidin dated 16.12.2015)
Country: Bangladesh
What type of violation    : Desecration of Hindu Deities in a Temple, crime against Religion, & Looting.
Date of occurrence           : 15th December, 2015.
Name of the victims          : 1. Dr.Dijendra Nath Sarkar (62) son of late Jitendra Nath Sarkar, 2)  Paritosh Sarkar son of Dulal Sarkar 3) Modon Sarkar son of Shambhu Nath Sarkar, 4) Barun Biswas  and 30 Hindu devotees
Permanent Address of victims: Village: Bharra, P.S. Kumarkhali, District : Kustia, Bangladesh.
Date of investigation: 18th December,2015
The names of perpetrators: –
1)Alimuddin (60), 2) Kalimuddin (55), 3) Anwar Ali (30), 4) Yasin Ali (25), 5)Khokon (30), 6) Md.Uzzal Sheikh (30),7) Sabiruddin (65), 8) Ahmod Ali (58), 9)Khairul Islam (45), 10) Rashedul Islam (40),11) Nehed Ali (60), 12) Raju Ahmed (30), 13) Shariful Biswas and more 30 to 35 unknown attackers.
Facts of case:-
On 15th December, 15 at about at 11 p.m. the above-named perpetrators armed with deadly weapons unlawfully entered into Hindu houses and rebuked minority person saying slung language  “ Malaun “  and looted belongings/golden ornaments dedicated for Deities  amounting to Taka 2,05,00,00/- and those perpetrators also attacked Hindu temple, cut the head of Shiva, Laksmi, and Narayan and thus desecrated Hindu idols and religion. The Hindu victims started to leave their home due to religiously motivated attacks
I, on behalf of Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) communicated with local administration at Kustia last night over their mobile numbers and Md. Mohibul Islam- O.C. of Kumarkhali P.S. said due to previous land -litigations perpetrators with weapon terrorized the area and attacked the Temple and compelled those minority Hindus to leave the place. Due to previous engagement on the date of Victory Day -16th December,15 police could not instantly reach there, but when police came to know that Hindus started to leave their places for fear of lives, then police intervened and stopped attacks. I also talked with Dijendra Nath Sarkar one of the victims who lodged first information report (FIR) at local police station said over Mobile that 50 to 60 families disappeared due to such attack on their Temple and he also said those perpetrators were trying to evict Hindus from their rightful ownership of lands. He also said two accused persons namely 1) Raju Ahmed (30) and Md.Shariful Islam have been arrested by police. I also just talked with Md. Enamul Hoque Manju – local Chairman of Chapra Union Parishad who informed BDMW that the present situation is good and all Hindus came back home and legal action against perpetrators is being taken. Police till writing of this report could not arrest other attackers except two.
Legal Action: –
Dr. Dhijendra Nath Sarkar lodged First information report (FIR)  Kumarkhali P.S. case No.10 dated 15.12.15 under section 143/447/448/295/295(KA)/380/114/506 of Bangladesh Penal code against those perpetrators responsible for attack on Hindu Deities. Police said two accused persons 1) Raju Ahmed (30) and Md.Shariful Islam  have been arrested in this connection. Sense of insecurity due to intimidation & threat amongst minority communities, within the locality prevailing.
Recommendations: – 

Bangladesh Minority Watch is very much concerned about abrupt attack on the following issues:
1)      Attacking Hindu Temple desecrating Hindu deities and looting of gold and other valuables from the Temple should be investigated properly;
2)       The state should take drastic action against perpetrators responsible for such offense against religion and looting of golden ornaments belonging to Hindu deities.  They should be brought to book as per law.
3)      The goods and golden ornaments looted by perpetrators should be recovered from them and put all those articles to the Temple.
4)      The sense of security amongst the Hindu Minority victims should be ensured for their future protection and rights guaranteed under national and international law.
Documents :  copy of F.I.R., copy of fact-finding, photo of desecrated deities
Adv. Rabindra Ghosh
Founder President, Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)
12, K.M. Das Lane, Tikatully, Wari PS, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Mobile: 01711172468

Where India and particularly Hindus are concerned the media have utterly failed to discharge their obligations rather, they take the meekness of the majority Hindus.
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