The dirty reality of Love-Jihad.!

Dear Hindu Girls,
I have a message for you.
Firstly, a little about me:
I’m a moderate looking, 27 yr old, independent girl. I personally don’t believe in anyone buying me drinks or giving me love advices. I’m totally not a fan of drinking or smoking but I don’t stop or judge anyone who finds pleasure in it unless the person isn’t an adult, then I do see a moral responsibility to intervene.
I strongly believe in individual freedom to make choices. I’m not a feminazi cuz I believe in equality which naturally means you are no special in your fundamental rights or duties. If you are a mother, sister, wife to someone, a man too is a father, brother & husband to someone.
I don’t like anyone telling me what to wear, be it anyone. If BJP or RSS tells me not to wear a skirt at any point, I’ll be the first one to help them recollect the values of True Hinduism that stands for eternal freedom. I think now you understand that I’m not an Adarsh liberal but a person who lives liberalism in its true sense.
This introduction was important so you don’t judge me for a Typical Sanghi however I’m one, just that you don’t understand what a Sanghi stands for.
Now, I have an appeal to make:
I truly believe that love sees no borders, no boundaries, no caste & no religion, basically love sees nothing. But love must see the trap.
There are many bigoted vultures out there ready to ruin anyone’s life in the name of God. You see no boundaries but they see no emotions. Plz don’t waste yourself on them. Life is precious, plz do not aim to learn in the hard way.
Such experiences will leave you scarred forever, life will never be the same. Relationships with family will never be the same. Society will alienate you for fault of someone else cuz he will be gone.
Girls, love jihad is a reality.
In Pakistan & Bangladesh, it’s a matter of pride & done in the broad daylight by means of kidnapping followed by rape & forced marriage to convert the girl. In the Hindu land of India, it’s done under the garb of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb, secularism, false assurances & love trap.
Before you decide to destroy yourself, plz seek these answers from yourself:
1. Can you marry him without converting to his religion?
2. Will he allow you to stay a Hindu after marriage?
3. Are you free to worship idols in his house?
4. Will he not consider you a Kafir if you devote your life to him?
5. Will you go to heavens if you don’t convert to his religion?
6. Is he OK with the idea of his sister falling in love with a Hindu?
7. Since love doesn’t see religion, can he follow your faith instead?
Again, use your gut, use your brains. Listen to your parents.
Sonam Mahajan
P.S. Just Another Woman Who Cares.