The Godhra Riots – Postscript: The Masterminds

The Godhra Riots

The Masterminds
Nicole Elfi
October 2014
: This is a postscript toThe Godhra Riots:Sifting Fact from Fiction, July 2013, by the same author.In May this year, the people of India chose their Prime Minister. Over twelve years, several inquiry commissions — the Tewatia Committee (2010), the Nanavati Commission (2008), the Special Investigation Team (2011) under the Supreme Court — cleared Narendra Modi of all charges of having masterminded or, at least, encouraged the Godhra riots.
Still, his detractors —politicians and ideology-driven activists in India, the US and Europe — have continued to label him “merchant of death”, “butcher”, “Nazi”, “fascist”,“murderer”, etc.Let us examine the facts and see whether they can point to the riot’s real mastermind.
On 27 February 2002, when a coach of Hindu pilgrims returning from Ayodhyawent up in flames at Godhra railway station, a Congress member of the Godhra municipality, Haji Balal, led a mob and stopped the fire-fighting vehicle on itsway to the station. The fire crew reported that “he had been visiting the firestation at night for the past few days on the pretext of watching films ontelevision.” Haji Balal got the fire-fighting vehicles sabotaged beforehand: oneof the main vehicles had its clutch plates taken out a few days earlier; also removed was the nut connecting the pipe with the water tank on the other engine.
Haji Balal who, according to locals, proudly proclaimed himself the “Bin Laden of Godhra”, is among eleven people convicted for criminal conspiracy 
The Godhra Riots — Postscript: The Masterminds / p. 2 and murder and sentenced to death by a special fast track court in the high-security Sabarmati Central Jail in Ahmedabad on 22 February 2011.
Other Congress members were also “booked for the carnage”.
The attack on the pilgrims was carried out “according to what was planned earlier under the directions of [the late] Maulvi Umarji”,
a religious leader of the Ghanchi Muslims of Godhra.
“All the acts like procuring petrol, circulating false rumour, stopping the train and entering in coach S/6 were in pursuance of the object of the conspiracy,” concluded the Nanavati Report. “The conspiracy hatched by these persons further appears to be a part of a larger conspiracy to create terror and destabilise the Administration.”
“Destabilise the Administration”: Narendra Modi had assumed office as Gujarat Chief Minister on 7 October 2001, four months earlier. Incidentally,Maulvi Umarji got a ticket to campaign for the Congress in December 2002 state election in Gujarat.In order to quickly gather a crowd of angry Muslims to the Godhrastation and attack the train, so that no one would guess who was pouring petrolin the S6 and S7 coaches, rumours that a Ghanchi Muslim girl had beenabducted by the Kar Sevaks were spread by the Jamiat-Ulema-E-Hind (JUH), along-standing ally of the Congress.
From the start of the crisis, Narendra Modi appealed to the people toremain calm and exert self-control. On five occasions between 27 and 28 February, “CM addressed Media, Assembly and General public and everywhere the genesis and intention was one and the same, to punish the culprits responsible for the Godhra incident in an exemplary manner, so that itdid not recur ever again.”
He announced aex-gratia payment of 200,000 rupees tthe next of kin othose killed in the Godhra incident and ordered a high-level inquiry into the incident.
10 On 1st March, less than two days after the tragedy and while riots wereraging, Modi requested the chief secretaries of neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan to send ten companies of armed policefrom each state to assist the government in “handling law and order situation”.As the sociologist and author Madhu Kishwar points out,
11 all three states thenhad Congress governments, and all three turned down the request.
The Godhra Riots — Postscript: The Masterminds / p. 3
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