The new Legislative Assembly of Maharashtra presents a picture of national integration

unnamed‘Captian’ R.TamilSelvan, 58, born in Pudukottai in Tamilnadu is now the BJP MLA of Sion Koliwada of Mumbai in Maharashtra. A nationalist will never be tired of emphasizing that the country is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Any citizen has the democratic right to contest any election anywhere in the country. Tamilselvan has proved this by being elected from a constituency where just 10,000 voters are Tamilians and over 70,000 are Maharashtrians. Cutting across the language affiliation Sion voters have chosen him. This is no mean achievement in terms of national integration. These words of Tamilselvan eloquently prove the point: “I won by getting the votes of everyone, be it Tamilian, Gujarati or Rajasthani.” It is worth mentioning that Tamilselvan, by his public spirited activities had caught the imagination of local population. He led a team of volunteers who transported over 35 injured persons during the 2008 Mumbai attack by Pakistani terrorists, by using pullcarts used on the railway platforms. Tamilselvan is a CPWD contractor by profession.
Muslim outfits have axis to grind
A Muslim youth by name Syed Mohammed is rounded up and brought to the police station in Ramanathapuram District on a complaint of attempt to attack a motor mechanic. At the police station, Syed picked up a quarrel with a police official and in the fisticuff that followed Syed was reported to have been shot dead by the police official. A Muslim political outfit, an offshoot the now banned Al Umma, hit the street. Protest demonstrations followed resulting in tension in the already sensitive district.
Dalits do not want Tipu Sultan memorial

Residents of half-a-dozen hamlets surrounding Pudhu Kodangipatti village in Dindigul District of Tamilnadu were up in arms against imposition of a Memorial for Tipu Sultan in their locality. Announced last year by former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa, dalits belonging to the villages have passed a resolution against it, reported Economic Times. The memorial, if constructed, could destroy the peace and harmony prevalent in the village, causing disturbance during temple festivals, said a villager according to a report in The Hindu. Another factor more strongly pointed out was that the village did not have any basic amenities. Drinking water, toilet facilities, Balwadi (pre-school programmes) and Primary Health Centres could instead be built at the location marked for the memorial, said the villagers. Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali stayed for many years in Dindigul.

Source: Vishwa Samvad Kendra