The power of Vedic lore

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I am writing this post for an acquaintance of mine who seems to be having some issue shaking off her past.  You see she was raised Jewish, but at a very young age she turned against her faith and began her journey toward “Aryanism”. However, while she has become interested in paganism, she has not yet reached the stage of imbibing the Vedas, and I believe this has caused her some grief and heartache.  You see, she travels mostly in White pagan circles, and even though she has made many commitments to her new life, she is often unaccepted because of her Jewish heritage. 
Worse that this, my friend seems to negate herself, feeling as though she needs to be fixed in some way because of her “Jewish blood”, she feels tainted as though a negative energy has followed her through her ancestry. As a person who comes from an intense minority myself (Jehovah’s Witness), I can relate to many Jews when it comes to feeling that not only is their energy different, but some how dirty, and like Jews, other White pagans seems to notice this energy in me as well, in fact I am very often accused of being a Jew.

I have had to go through my own trials of trying to shake off the negative energy that follows me from my past.  In Hinduism we are taught that these kinds of sensations can be eliminated through prayer and ritual, however for a new comer who has little faith, these often feel hollow and ineffective or foreign.  But there is one form of cleansing devotion which is common to both White pagan traditions and Hinduism, and that is the listening of lore.

I am partially of Scandinavian heritage, and our Eddas (Scandinavian holy book) and sagas are very similar to Hinduism, though they tend to be a bit darker.  I remember once listening to a tale of witch who learned how to transform herself into a wolf by listening to troll lore.  While I am sure there are positive references to lore in European paganism, I have found that Hinduism is replete with the notion that to here lore can transform ones life.

It is likely that nearly every single Purana and tale in Hinduism is preceded by a statement as to how the hearing of this lore will benefit one’s life, what kind of boon they will get, whether it is the negation of negative karma, the attraction of wealth, or the thwarting of diseases. Here are some of the positive effects of hearing lore according to the Vedas. 

Agni teaches lore even to the simple 
Thou, Agni gainest for the loudly-praising priest the highest wealth, the object of a man’s desire. Thou art called Father, caring even for the weak, and wisest, to the simple one thou teachest lore. – Rig Veda 1.31.14
Agni teaches the lore of works to mortals, which convey laws and truth  
He is a wild thing of the flood and forest: he hath been laid upon the highest surface. He hath declared the lore of works to mortals, Agni the Wise, for he knows Law, the Truthful. – Rig Veda 1.141.5
To listen to lore makes one strong 
Eager to gain, we crave from him the friendly God strength confident, choiceworthy meet to be extolled: The Bhrgus’ bounty, willing, strong with sages’ lore, even Agni shining forth with light that comes from heaven. – Rig Veda 3.2.4
Lore is associated with wisdom and poetic skill 
To you hath been assigned the fairest ornament, the hymn of praise: Vajas and Rbhus, joy therein; For ye have lore and wisdom and poetic skill: as such, with this our prayer we call on you to come. – Rig Veda 4.36.7
Sacrificial lore helps the gods make one glorious 
Well-skilled in lore of sacrifice, ye Daughters of Heaven, refulgent Dawns, I thus address you. May we be glorious among the people. May Heaven vouchsafe us this, and Earth the Goddess, – Rig Veda 4.51.11
Lore gives heroes strength 
O’er all the region with their uniform advance these have spread out the lore that giveth heroes strength. – Rig Veda 5.48.2
Soldier pray to obtain the lore of the gods to be come manly and gain boons of prosperity 
Who, O ye Maruts, may attain the mighty lore of you the mighty, who may reach your manly deeds? Ye, verily, make earth tremble like a ray of light what time ye bring your boons to give prosperity, – Rig Veda 5.59.4
Out of lore beautiful songs are made 
After the lore of ancient time I make, like Kanva, beauteous songs, And Indra’s selfgains strength thereby. – Rig Veda 8.6.11
Speaking lore purifies 
O Soma, Indu, thou while thou art purified urgest onward speech. Thousandfold, with the lore of hymns. – Rig Veda 9.64.25
Proclaiming holy lore brings on the birth of priests to the gods
The Rsis could not see Indra face to face; Vasistha saw him face to face; he said, ‘Holy lore shall I proclaim to you so that people will be propagated with thee as Purohita; therefore do thou proclaim me to the other Rsis.’ – Yajur Veda 3.5.2
Lore makes one bright and beautiful 
Sage: who know the lore of speech deck thee, the strong sustainer, well: Men make thee bright and beautiful. – Soma Veda
Lore is a fun and easy way to learn about the Vedas, Hinduism and the ways of the Arya.  Obviously the best place to start reading lore would be with the 18 Major Puranas (pdf here) which are conveniently broken up into many small tales each with their own narratives and moral lessons.  I hope my friend will take my advice as start reading the Puranas as I know they have done wonders in clearing out my energy and bringing me closer to the light and knowledge of Veda