Thiruchengodu attack on the Hindus by DMK goons, Arjun Sampath’s writes to Indian PM requesting action


Respected all,

My ​​​letter to the prime minister requesting action on Thiruchengodu incident


Date :24.10.2015
Honorable ​P​rime Minsiter
Shri Narendara Modi
New Delhi.

Respected sir,

(Subject: Requesting the Government to take action against the terrorist outfit, who attacked Hindu organization workers in Thiruchengodu and to condemn the false cases filed against the workers under prevention of atrocities act. We also urge the government to recall Prevention of atrocities act )

On 13.10.2015, Tuesday, M.K Stalin of DMK had planned a campaign in Thiruchegodu, during when the cadres of Hindu munnai had planned a protest march against M.K Stalin for his extended support to Perumal murugan the author of Mathoru paghan. (One Part Women )They also had announced that if the treasurer of DMK M.K Stalin accepts to withdraw his support to Perumal Murugan, Hindu munnai will also withdraw the Protest.

In line with this Shri Selva ganapathy of DMK contacted Hindu Munnai over phone and informed that DMK had supported the agitation of Thirucehngodu people against the Malicious Novel of Perumal Murugan , hence Hindu Munnani should cancel their agitation against M.K Stalin.

Hence the caders of Hindu Munnai had their discussion to at their Thiruchegodu office to decide on the proposal from DMK side, while such discussions where happening on 13.10.2015, Tuesday at around 6.45 PM , more than 50 DMK caders bruttaly attacked the Hindu Munnai caders at their office, in which S.Sakthivel, R.Sakthivel, Madan, Rajasekar, Rajendaran were seviourly injuredand are battling for their life in the hospital.

Due to this attack 5 people from DMK were arrested and cases are filed against them, however few DMK cadres got admitted in erode hospital by filing a false complaint that Hindu Munnani cadres attacked them. They also went to the extent of filing a false complaint on prevention of atrocities act against Hindu Munnai caders , thus charges have been framed under this act on Hindu Munnani cadres like Sabarinathan, Prabhakaran, Ramesh and the injured caders who are still in hospital

It is an injustice from the part of Thiruchengodu police to have filed a compliant against Hindu Munnani cadres on a false complaint given by the DMK .

We request you to kindly stop the misuse of the Prevention of attorcities act cases wrongfully slapped on the Hindu Munnai cadres using the DMK’s complaints , this is used as a vendetta on the people who are fighting democratically on the issues of perumal murugan, Saving the diginity of Thiruchengodu temple, and to preventing construction of illegal minor.

DMK men involved in such attacks should be arrested, proper aids & compensations to be provided to the injured Hindu Munnani cadres along with proper treatment for their injuries to be offered. A journalist from Puthiya Thalaimurai TV was attacked in this riot like situation organized by the DMK men. Hence , we request you to kindly take this in to note and arrest the rioters.

We request your esteemed intervention in this matter personally and stop any such attacks in the future


Arjun Sampath

Hindu People’S Party

​அன்புடன் ,
அர்ஜுன் சம்பத்
(இந்து மக்கள் கட்சி).​

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)