Tipu Sultan brutality from 1780 to 1790, per newspapers

Here is news paper reports from 1780 to 1790 on actions of Tipu Sultan.    It is tragedy Karnataka Government is spending crores of rupees to celebrate him offending both Hindus and Christians who were brutalized.   Their selection of Deepawali time questions their intention.
I request you everyone to forward this to every Karnataka MLAs, Judges and other Officials (see the link ).   In addition to giving the articles below, we have provided links for tweeting, facebook, attached the cuttings to send in emails (just forward this) to let the world know.  We are also attaching email addresses of all Karnataka Ministers, secretaries etc. 
In addition to taking this to people, we are considering to take to courts on the wasteful and hurtful expenditure of mentally sick politicians of India.
All the below are available in link below.
 (The Times, 15 Nov 1790) 
 (The Times, 26 Jul 1788) 
 unnamed (1)
 (The Times, 10 Apr 1792) 
 unnamed (2)
 (The Times, 11 Jun 1791) 
unnamed (3)
 (The Times, 11 Jun 1791) 
unnamed (4)
 (The Times, 31 Dec 1791) 
unnamed (5)
 (The Times, 11 Jun 1791) 
 unnamed (6)
 (The Times, 01 Dec 1791) 
unnamed (7)
 (The Times, 05 Oct 1786) 
unnamed (8)
 (The Times, 22 Dec 1790)
unnamed (9)
 (The Times, 03 Mar 1791)
unnamed (10)
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