‘To you your religion and to me mine’

Kamikasi: I wonder what would happen if the world, especially countries where Christians, Hindus and Buddhist form the majority, apply the same principles used in Malaysia against their Muslim population.

Your guess is as good as mine: protests, perhaps destruction of properties, killings, suicide bomb and other acts of violent. Yes, Islam is a peaceful religion, but unfortunately not those who invoke the name of Allah but act otherwise.

It is the work of some Muslims who tarnished the religion. Can’t they just respect other religions? Indeed, we pity them for they know not what they do.

Fernz: The Umno protesters should demonstrate in front of ‘bhai’ (Sikh) temples for using the term ‘Allah’. Jais should also raid the Sikh temples and seize all the copies of the Sikh Holy Book on the grounds that it has the word ‘Allah’.

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) should inspect all Sikh temples for any violations. The Sikh chief should be charged with sedition for saying that the Sikhs will continue to use the word ‘Allah’.

The home minister should also send a letter to all Sikh temples banning them from using ‘Allah’. Why pick only on The Heraldeditor Father Lawrence Andrew?

YiuTau: “Agreements as we know in law, are meant to be honoured, not lightly broken,” said Bible Society of Malaysia (BSM) president Lee Min Choon.

Communist leader Chin Peng must be laughing in his grave. Never make agreement with the government of Malaysia because they do not honour any agreement other than those business ones that require you to deposit 10 percent of the contract sum into their accounts.

Odin: Lee Min Choon, yes, agreements are meant to be honoured and not lightly broken. This applies in all civilised societies.

In fact, among gentlemen and gentlewomen, agreements may even be made orally and sealed merely with a handshake. But you must remember that Umno is made up of a bunch of knaves and blackguards.

If even the Malaysia Agreement can be dishonoured, then the 10-point solution being lightly broken doesn’t come as a surprise.

Disgusted: Is Bahasa Malaysia the official language of the country? If it is then why can’t Christians, who have been educated in the screwed-up education system which made all Malaysians poor in English, not be allowed to read the Bible in Bahasa Malaysia.

Most bibles are imported from Indonesia due to the lack of permits to print it here and have the word ‘Allah’ for God.

What right has Umno and Jais and Mais (Selangor Islamic Religious Council) or whatever religious authority seize the Alkitab, which is equivalent to some authority seizing the Quran and depriving the Muslims of their Quran?

TheSaint: I am very sure Jais and BN just want to bully the Christians to show their kind which religion is superior. They have nothing better to do then to feel great about it.

The Muslims don’t need to get hold of any Alkitab to learn about Christianity or even get converted. One can get translation of the Bible in all languages over the Internet.

You can even get an Arabic, Hebrew or Greek version, as well as Chinese or French version too.

Oriole: The situation is rapidly deteriorating thanks to our leaders – both government and opposition – sitting on their hands and looking the other way while a minority is blatantly prosecuted over their religious beliefs.

Perhaps it’s time for the Christian minority in this country to approach embassies and high commissions and seek asylum in countries where one is not persecuted for praying to one’s god.

There are no statesman here, only crooked politicians who are busy taking care of their own backsides.

iiiizzzziiii: What did Jais hope to accomplish by this raid? Will it help those who play a role, be it big or small, closer to heaven or their god (whatever name they choose to call Him)?

Why is it that by their very action, Jais gets itself embroiled in so many controversies? Did Jais foresee and understand the repercussion of their action in carrying out the raid on BSM?

If they did and still proceeded with it, what would be the message they were trying to send to all other religions even when they knew their very action would contravene the 10-point solution?

CHKS: Just like Jesus, there were times when He was confrontational when dealing with the Pharisees and the money-changers in the temple, I think it maybe time BSM should consider challenging Jais in court.

Meh: It is fundamental that one religion cannot teach or tell another religion how to worship. In this 21st century, how can we go back to the days of the crusades and religious wars.

For God’s sake, all religions must be left alone to do what they like so long as they do not harm others.

Source: Malaysiakini