Traditional Hindu cultural function on the sea shores of Chennai

RSS traditional Sankranti function of Chennai was held on the sea shore of Foreshore Estate on 14th January, 2014. Swayamsevaks exactly at the stroke of sunrise, at 6.35 a.m. performed 13 suryanamaskars with mantra.  The function was celebrated by the Swayamsevaks of Chennai along with the fishermen families.
Samudra Pooja was also performed and Arti was given to Samudra Mata with a prayer for the welfare of the world. Bhagwa Dwaja was hoisted inside the Kali temple.
Sri P M Ravikumar Saha Pranth Pracharak (Uttar Tamilnadu) spoke on the occasion. Pointing to the meaning of Sankranti i.e. change which should start from the individual, family, society etc.  Highlighting the difference between Hindu culture and foreign culture, he said that in our country one is judged by one’s character and not by money or power or status.  He quoted an incident in the life of Swami Vivekananda and from the life of Lakshmana in the Ramayan.  Family plays a vital role in moulding the character of individuals.
The highlight of Chennai RSS Sankranti (Pongal) function today was the participation of different community leaders namely Sri M S Arumugam Pillai, President, Tamilnadu Pillaimar Maha Sabha, Sri Muthukumar State President of Washermen community, Sri Karpagarajan TN Devar Peravai North Chennai Youth President, Nagai V P Devan TN Devar Peravai State Treasurer.
A book ‘Seva Disha’ containing various service activities carried out by Sangh was released by Arumugam Pillai and the first copy was received by Vibhag Sah Sanghachalak Dr. Subbaiah, at the function.
Sri Sambamurthy Saha Pranth Karyavah, Sri L Ganesan, BJP, Sri Durai Shankar Vibhag Sanghachalak and other Pranth and Vividha Kshetra Adhikaris participated in the function. Around 967 swayamsevaks and 6 women participated in the function.  Sweet Pongal prepared by the women folk of fishermen community was distributed as Prasadam to all those who were present.