Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines Disaster Relief Fund Appeal

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Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines Disaster Relief Fund Appeal

Nov 12, 2013

Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines Disaster Relief Fund Appeal

Typhoon Haiyan, categorized as “super typhoon” hit the Leyte Province in Philippines, at over 195 mph on Nov 8, 2013 causing severe damage to the coastal area. Typhoon Haiyan lashed beach communities, triggered massive landslides and caused widespread damage in the central Philippines, about 400 miles south of Manila. Over 600,000 people were displaced and it is estimated over 10,000 people were killed by the devastating Typhoon. The latest estimates indicate that nearly 4.5 million people from 36 provinces have been affected with over 10,000 people feared dead.

VHP of America requests your kind contribution to help the victims and their family who are affected by this devastation. VHP of America will work with appropriate agency to ensure that the donated funds are used only to help the victims of this natural disaster.

VHP of America will work with organizations in Philippines to insure the funds are used for the stated cause. I am in process of establishing contacts with appropriate NGO through local Philippines organizations and radio station in Philippines.

Previously VHP of America has extended their help with volunteers to help in Hurricane Sandy, Katrina and 911 disasters. We raised and donated large sum of funds to the victims of Katrina, 911 attack, Haiti earth quake, Fiji Flood victims, Japan earth quake, Gujarat earth quake and numerous other disasters. During Uttaranchal floods with help from you all VHP of America had donated $100,000 to help the victims. Please help VHPA uphold its mission of Seva (selfless service) wherein lies the very essence of Hindu dharma.

Please contribute generously. Your donations are tax deductible.

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Your donations are tax deductible

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Thank you.<<signed>>Girish M Gandhi

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