Udupi : Regional Hindu Convention held by HJS

Karnataka (Udupi) :  HJS held Hindu Convention on 1st December at Shri. Govind Kalyan Mandap, Ajjarkadu. Pujya Vinayakanand Swamiji of Sriramkrushna Ashram, Yarlapadi (Bailur), Pujya Shantaram Bhandarkar and Shri. Ramanand Gauda of HJS lighted lamp before starting the Convention. Dignitaries expressed their views on Rashtra and Dharma.

We are only an instrument for protection of Sanatan Dharma. Bhagavan Srikrushna will only protect. Temples are taken over in the name of Land Acts; but churches and mosques are never taken over by the Government. It is a method to loot wealth of temples and those who are looting are politicians. It is their aim to destroy faith of Hindus. We should fight in lawful manner against Government’s taking over temples.

Satsang creates prudence. Without satsangs, people behave like animals and become unwanted on this earth; therefore, Saint’s message, guidance is important.

I am getting the same happiness as I get after going to a temple by attending this program. Your activities will benefit future generations. We should become Hindus in true sense of the word. Our talking and behaving should be as per Dharma. Hindus are going away from Dharma due to in vasion of audio-video media. Saying ‘I am a Hindu’,  means implementing thoughts of Hindutva in action.

Nowadays decency, character, morals, willingness to work hard is reducing. Young women are going on the wrong path. If a young woman is harassed, her parents first think about their status and name and avoid taking help of law in today’s social system; therefore offenders are not punished. We should fight against injustice in lawful manner.

Tirupati is a place of pilgrimage of Hindus. It is harmful to construct Islamic university there. Its construction is unauthorized. HJS staged agitation all over the country, therefore, District Collector issued order to demolish unauthorized construction. Nation-wide agitation will be staged from 20th December and all of you should join so also motivate others to join this agitation.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat