Updates On World Hindu News e-Newsletter Global Subscriber Scope

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Alongside web readership, which runs into millions every month and social networking circle, the main source of news dissipation of World Hindu News is via. it’s e-newsletters sent globally via. professional US servers and marketing partners. Below tabular is designed to provide an overview of our geographic reach worldwide to our partners, subscribers. Disclaimer – World Hindu News leverages US & Canada based 3rd party Marketing firms for subscriptions via. newsletters, web subscriptions & Journalists databases procured from firms with legal consent for such databases who would like to receive news relevant to Hindu community under e-mail marketing agreements applicable in United States. The below figures may vary & World Hindu News doesn’t hold liability for same. The data below is for informational purpose only & shouldn’t be reproduced or published without World Hindu News WHN approval.  More information on Latin American, Europe, Asia Pacific and Africa will be available soon. 


 03 MAR, 2015  JAPAN  30  Professionals  Japanese Hindu Group Indians residing in Japan associated with prominent Hindu Group.  WHN Web Subscription
 17 SEP, 2014 UNITED KINGDOM 350  UK Hindus  **OE Hindus residing in UK. A prominent UK based Hindu political organization. Data inc. many UK MP’s & Bureaucrats.  WHN Event Subscription
 16 DEC 2014  US          135  US Ethnic Media        *NSD Editors, Journalists pertaining to US Ethnic Indian media (Desi US Media)  WHN Media Subscriptions
 10 OCT 2014  US          450 US & Indian Mainstream Media       **CF Media persons @ Indian PM Visit at Madison Square Garden, New York, USA  Journalists who subscribed to WHN E-newsletter on spot via. WHN subscription cards.
 07 SEP, 2014  INDIA 1200 Members of Indian Political Party  **P Members – MP, MLA’s, National, State leadership of prominent political party in India  WHN Org. Subscription
 04 APR, 2014 World Wide – Prominently US, Canada, India, Europe, Bangladesh, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia & South Africa.        14,000 World’s prominent Hindu Leaders, activists & journalists – US, Europe, Indian. A database with 20 years of research and collection. Also many Journalists w/ Hindu perspective.  N. K N.K. – A prominent Hindu based out of NY. From 25K e-mails sent, 14000 subscribed.

WHN Org. Subscription

 14 NOV, 2013  USA         7000 Members of a prominent USA Hindu Organization         **PA The organization is 40 years old in USA and has chapters across USA. It’s a Hindu social organization.  WHN Org. Subscriptions Invitation
 02 JAN 2014  INDIA       12,000  Journalists The 12000 Indian Journalists database was procured from sister organization operating in India w/ legal rights of share.  WHN Media Subscriptions
 07 MAY 2014  INDIA       45,000 Hindu Activists, Intellectuals, Writers & Leaders. **P An organization operating in India w/ presence in 30K cities and villages. One of the largest Hindu org. in World.  WHN Org.Subscriptions Invitation
 18 DEC 2014  USA         2300 Texas based Hindus – Engineers, Doctors, Professionals, Priests.        **SA An organization operating in Houston, Texas with 2300 e-mail subscribers.
17 AUG 2014  EUROPE         6000 Texas based Hindus – Engineers, Doctors, Professionals, Priests.       *FEA Hindu organization in Europe working since European Union formation.