Vedas and Hinduism

5158348-word-cloud-concept-illustration-of-hinduism-religionWe should rediscover our past glory and educate our children on the glorious tradition and scriptures.
Who were the fools who initially claimed that the earth was flat?
Who were the intelligent ones who again proved that the world is round?
Westerners, the same fools who claimed otherwise.

Who were the intelligent ones who proved that the galaxy is elliptical?
Westerners, the same ones who knew nothing about it before the discovery.

Who invented the number system?
Egyptians? Mayans? Arabs? At least that’s what books say!

When was the atom discovered?
18th/19th centuries earliest. As per our Intermediate chemistry books isn’t it?

The list goes on. There is nothing in the world that is newly invented by the west. What was here in India, the knowledge and wealth of the Vedas was taken to the lands of Egypt, Greece and the rest of the west. The arrogant Indian fools of the recent centuries abandoned Vedic study while in the mean time people of the west were busy claiming scientific inventions and discoveries for what was told to them by their elders. What irony! What a turn of events!

Sanskrit is the oldest language in the world. PERIOD.
Sanatana Dharma was the oldest religion in the world. PERIOD.
Vedas were an ocean of knowledge containing the most ancient and esoteric secret sciences about Human life, existence and God.

Max Muller, a person from the west claims that the Vedic hymns could have existed at least since 15000 BCE, before he changed his theories to get funding from England and other western countries for his research! The super rich Indian kings were busy acquiring the latest luxuries from the west but not in finansing him!

Even wikipedia (based on Western historians) mentions that Sanskrit existed at least since 1500 BC which was much much before the time any of these inventions about atoms or theories came into light.

Take a look at these Sanskrit words! These were not invented. They existed in Vedic hymns and verses much before times known.

Bhoogola – Bhoo meaning earth. Gola meaning that which is spherical.
Brahmandam – Meaning galaxy, andam – meaning that which is like an egg i.e elliptical/oval in shape.
Anuvu : Atomic particle
Paramanuvu : Sub atomic particle

These words were not invented or added in the recent past. Here is a quintessential example depicting the knowledge of the Vedas.

An excerpt from Rudra Namakam Chamakam of the Yajur Veda, the vedic hymns used in the ritual of rudrabhishekam. This ritual cannot be dated, for it existed in the Indian culture since times immemorial.

Dhyana Sloka of Shiva : (Use of the word Brahmanda that depicts that the galaxy is oval in shape like an egg)
“Brahmanda vyaapta deha bhasitha himaruja bhaasamaana bhujangaihi.”
which starts off saying that He is that, which pervades the whole galaxy.

Further more, if you take a look at this excerpt from Chamakam of the Rudra Namaka Chamaka, you will get to know the mathematical genius in the Vedas.

Verse :
“Eka cha me, thisra chame, panchas chame, saptha chame,
Ekadasa chame, tryodasa chame, pancha dasa chame, saptha dasa chame,
Nava dasa chame, eka trimsathis chame, tryovimsathis chame,
Pancha vimsathis chame,
and it goes on.

Mathematical genius behind it
Eka cha me 01 + 000 = 001 square root is 01
thisra chame 03 + 001 = 004 square root is 02
panchas chame 05 + 004 = 009 square root is 03
saptha chame 07 + 009 = 016 square root is 04
nava chame 09 + 016 = 025 square root is 02
Ekadasa chame 11 + 025 = 036 square root is 05
tryodasa chame 13 + 035 = 049 square root is 06
pancha dasa chame 15 + 049 = 064 square root is 07
saptha dasa chame 17 + 063 = 081 square root is 08
Nava dasa chame 19 + 081 = 100 square root is 09
eka ving satis chame 21 + 100 = 121 square root is 10
tryo ving satis chame 23 + 121 = 144 square root is 11
Pancha ving satis chame 25 + 144 = 169 square root is 13
Sapta ving satis chame 27 + 169 = 196 square root is 14
Nava ving satis chame 29 + 196 = 225 square root is 15
Eka Triyam ving satis chame31 + 225 = 256 square root is 16

A vedic hymn from rudram rings a bell, doesn’t it? Aren’t they a part of the classic mathematical progressions? Don’t they remind you of the Number theory problems you’ve prepared for your IIT coaching?

The most important part is that the vedic hymn is not about mathematics. The math part of it is just an extra add-on to a deeper meaning. The hymn describes how Lord Shiva has created the universe. It talks about birth and death associated with the mystery of atoms. If you observe the sequence,

1 grows to 3 and then becomes 2 (the square root). Likewise, the sequence increases first and decreases again. This rise or increase is related to the growth of atoms which we called birth and the sudden decrease is related to the decay of atoms which we called death. An ancient sage Kaanaada extolled the hidden mathematical meanings of these verses w.r.t spirituality.

This simple verse is an example to depict the ancient Indian mind. As I said before, the math part of it is an add on to the mystical meaning which is the core of the verse. The mystical hidden meaning is spiritual, the mathematical meaning is merely that which surrounds the core.

And who do we Indians account all the greatness to? To the fools of the west who learnt everything from the ancient Indians. Every Indian should respect the vedas and the ancient Hindu Sanatana Dharma.

Respect and follow the customs and rituals laid down in the Vedas. If the mind cannot comprehend them practically, it is the mind that is at fault, not the practice, custom or ritual. If the puny mind of a kindergarten student doesn’t understand Engineering Calculus, does it mean that Calculus is worthless? It is exactly the same way with Vedas and their practices and rituals.

Remember the wisdom of our ancestors. It is right within our genes, for they are so full of genius.

Source: India Good Morning