Vedic Youth society organized a VEDIC Yagyo Pavit JANIYA SANSKAR in Karachi

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Vedic Youth society organized a VEDIC YAGYO PAVIT JANIYA SANSKAR & YOGA MEDITATION  event with classic music .

In this event 50 children of age, 5 yrs to 20 years along with their parents participated

They took oath of JANIYA that is 10th Sanskara out of 16 Sanskars of Sanatan Dharma

Yagyopavit sanskar yajna was led by Purohit BabuLalArya, dr.Vinesh kumar,andshri Gianchand lal

For music performance on Sitar Ritika Dhanja who is only girl of Pakistan who playsSitar and she is pride of Pakistani Hindu community along with Ritika ,bhajan singer Rajendar Dhanja and DileepArya performed.

For motivating children Mahin Wahid Baloch who is a young girl of 17 years she founded free schools for street children at the age of 14 in critical area of Karachi The Liyari ,so she is epitome of education activism in Karachi.Her presence in our event make us glorified.

Dr.Vinesh Arya who is fouder of Vedic Youth Society stated that it is the 1st time in Karachi where children of both /genders are  adopting Janiya.  few irrational pandits has abandoned Janiya for females but in Vedas Holy Text it is mentioned YagyoPavit for all human irrespective of gender and religion

Three threads of Janiya signifies 3 duties of us toward Parents,Teachers and God.

Dr. Vinesh Kumar who is professional doctor and Yoga Young trainer in Pakistan also associated with PAKISTAN HINDU SEVA WELFARE TRUST further said Our mission is to spread Vedic Sanskar along with modern education because modern education is lacking in developing a good human with high moral values and character so that deficient part only be fulfilled by vedic education of Sanatan Dharma.


Reported by Sanjesh Dhanja

Country Head WHN

Source: World Hindu News (WHN)