VHP, Bajrang Dal oppose anti-superstition Bill

Expressing fear that the proposed anti-superstition Bill would endanger Hindu traditions, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal have said they would launch a series of protests and a legal struggle against the Bill.

A meeting of astrologers, temple administrators, and regional leaders of Hindu organisations held on Saturday on the demerits of the Karnataka Superstitious Practices Bill 2013, the draft of which was submitted by the National Law School of India University.

During the meeting, the astrologers defended their trade by citing ‘scientific principles’ behind their practice; temple administrators feared that certain traditions, including narrating tales of the miracles of gods and goddesses, would be prohibited; while others believed traditional dance forms of Yakshagana and Bharatanatyam would be banned.

Addressing reporters , VHP Karnataka Zone President M.B. Puranik, said the Bill was targeting the Hindu religion. “The Congress government has taken a few regressive practices of the religion, and exaggerated it. Not all aspects of belief are superstition. Temple administrators and astrologers should be taken into confidence before drafting this Bill,” he said. “There are a lot of legal problems with the Bill, and we will take it to the court.”

Source: The Hindu