VHP Boston raises $108K for Support-A-Child through an evening of Kathak



FTV News Framingham, By Geetha Patil: Support-A-Child (SAC) program is a flagship project of the Vishwa Hindu Council of America (VHPA) that organized a fundraiser event under the joint venture of Boston and Merrimack Valley Chapters and presented a rare opportunity to the audience of Greater Boston area to watch “Krishnapriya – A musical dance drama depicting the story of divine love of Krishna, Radha and Meera” on the beautiful evening of Sunday, September 18, 2016 at Keefe Technical school, Framingham, MA. Very gorgeously dressed Indian community members who are known for their great philanthropic activities and love for art and culture gathered at the magnificent venue to make it a reality. The community leaders and social activists who graced the event included: Jayashree Voruganti (President IAGB), Kanchan Banergee (President, GIBV), Sudhir Parikh (Satsang Center) and Tej Tandon.

Mrs. Gauri Chandna performed her Master of Ceremony role wonderfully and majestically. She welcomed the audience to the program and requested Mr. Tej and Mrs. Prem Tandon to light up the lamps in front of Lord Ganesh and Ma Radha and Lord Krishna. ‘Krishnapriya-a musical dance drama’ depicting the world renowned story of divine love between Krishna, Radha and Meera was performed by Aditi Bhagwat, Sushant Jadhav, and Harshada Jambekar. This musical show with brilliant artists made the audience to feel the eternal love and the devotion of four Krishnapriyas namely Ma Yashoda, sister Draupadi, Sakhi Radha, and Dasi Meerabai towards Shri Krishna and her journey from Meera to Krishnapriya in the form of music and dance. Aditi Bhagwat, a renowned Choreographer and an accomplished Kathak dancer and performer mesmerized the audience. The program ran from 6:00pm till 9:00pm with the amazing performance by the seasoned artists and regular fund raising appeals made by Gauri Chandna and Sanjay Kaul during the show. This unique dance drama has received a great applaud across the US. The event is organized to generate awareness and raise funds for the Support-A-Child (SAC) movement.

Krishnapriya dance program was sponsored by the SAC which provides shelter, education, boarding, lodging, medical help and promise for bright future to the children who are poor and many times who come from terrorism hit areas of India. SAC program started by VHPA in 1985 is supporting thousands of boys and girls all over Bharat who are under privileged and come from rural and tribal areas and many are orphans. Through SAC these children receive the quality education they deserve and some are obtaining regular college, technical, and even advanced degrees like Ph. D, and MD and today, many of these children are working as teachers, engineers, doctors and other professionals. With the help of reputed service organizations like Sewa Bharati, Sewa Dham, Ramakrishna Mission and Bharat Kalyan Prathishthan and many more, the SAC team selects its hostels/schools and institutions from 18 different states. These children stay in the hostels and get their education at board certified schools and learn good samsakaras (values). Along with the quality education, they also receive medical aid, nutritious food, school supplies, and clothing. Talented children get opportunities to learn music, art, yoga, and sports. So, the VHPA, Boston and Merrimack Valley Chapters earnestly requested the Indian community to come with their friends and family, enjoy the entertainment, support a noble cause and make a difference in the lives of “not-so-fortunate” children. They assured that under this program, donors obtain an opportunity to support the total well-being of the needy children.

Mr. Sanjay Kaul thanked the audience for turning out with great enthusiasm for a good cause and making this event a grand success by donating generously to the Support-A-Child program. He proudly announced that kind donors donated $108K tonight which is going to support approximately over 425 needy children in India. He also appreciated the food service by Minerva Restaurant who served very delicious food to all the audience. He expressed his acknowledgements to the Keefe Technical school committee for providing an amazing and enjoyable venue for the event. He thanked all the SAC local chapters team members: Program Director: Mr. Pramod Panday, Program Secretary: Mr. Brijesh Sharma, Program Treasure: Raji Ganesh, Abhishek Singh, Anita Shyam, Geeta Singh, Suman Sharma and the volunteers for their time and support to the success of the program. He showed immense gratitude to media partners namely “Foundations TV” (Gauri Chandna); Gunjan Radio (Bipin Parikh): Radio Music India (Pradeep Shukla) and to Lokvani (Anil Saigal) for advertising and news coverage. Mr. Sanjay Kaul said that his thanks are due to Sridhar Kulkarni and Amit Sing for still photo coverage, Shailesh Salger for audio system, Anaya and Avani for video coverage and to Jyoti, Predium and Vishant for lighting. Three dazzling artists and master of ceremony were honored by Mr. Kaushik Patel Mrs. Mona Khaitan Mr. Pramod Panday and Sanjay Kaul.

Source: http://thefoundations.tv/vhp-boston-raises-108k-for-support-a-child-through-an-evening-of-kathak/