VHP protests against increasing crimes in town


Nagda : Members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad demonstrated against the deteriorating law and order situation in the town as the crime rate is continuously on rise. On Sunday, VHP shouted slogans against the recklessness of Police and took out a rally to Mandi police station. They also discussed the crimes took place few days ago and warned the police that if the absconded criminals would not be arrested then VHP would be forced to agitate.

The office bearers of the VHP, while discussing with station in-charge Gopal Parmar, pointed out that police always remained unable to catch the accused, recently when a miscreant stabbed a cow; police did not find any clue nor they had investigated. Apart from that, murder accused Nasir Lala has been absconding from a very log time, but police didn’t even make the effort to catch him.

The members of VHP gave the details of many crimes the area has witnessed in the recent past. They once again demanded that night patrolling be intensified and police presence be increased in the area. They were also of the view that the police be prompt to the tip offs given by the residents about the activities of anti social elements.

Protestors said that this incapability and negligence of police has resulted in a sense of insecurity among the residents, particularly women, children and senior citizens. During the protest, VHP members Sant Kumar Sharma, Bherulal Tak, Dinesh Giri, Ajay Jatva and several others were present.