VHP wants ban on bars, liquor

imagesAttributing the surge in crimes, especially against women, to consumption of alcohol, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) wants a ban on bars and sale of liquor.

It also views bars and pubs wooing women with freebies like ladies’ nights and free drinks encourage alcohol consumption.

The right-wing organisation is also unhappy with the Maharashtra government’s proposal to implement a night life plan for Mumbai, which would allow bars and restaurants to remain open 24×7, saying it could worsen the crime rate in the city.

While the VHP’s Delhi unit has already shot off a letter to Delhi Lieutenant-Governor Najeeb Jung to take “appropriate steps” to check the sale of liquor in the city, it has planned a nation-wide campaign to push for stringent laws on sale of liquor and timings of restaurants.

“As on date, we have a closing down time of 1 a.m. for bars and restaurants, yet the crime rate is so high. We have had major crimes committed against women in our society, the Jessica Lal murder, the Nirbhaya case, the Dhaula Kuan rape incident…these were committed by people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, which are known substances that contribute towards impairment of judgement. Allowing the bars and pubs to operate even beyond 1 a.m. goes against the message of our Prime Minister who has appealed to save the youth from falling prey to drugs and alcohol abuse,” VHP national spokesperson Vinod Bansal told The Hindu.

Mr. Bansal said the VHP would take up the issue of banning bars and alcohol consumption and of extended night life with the Union Ministries of Home and Culture. “These things are against social decorum and interest of our country, apart from being motivated by liquor lobbies.”

Source: The Hindu