Video : My objections were overlooked while certifying PK – Satish Kalyankar, Censor Board member

Mumbai – “I had raised objections to many scenes in film ‘PK’; but my remark that ‘the film may be issued certification only after removing those scenes’ was totally ignored”, was the accusation made by Satish Kalyankar, a member of Film Censor Board. Shri. Kalyankar is the Vice President of BJP’s Art and Culture Department, Maharashtra State. The most important thing is that he had conveyed his objections to Leela Samson, the Chief Executive Officer of Film Censor Board on 27th November 2014 i.e. before the release of the film. (Congratulations to Shri. Kalyankar for promptly opposing the film ‘PK’ ! – Editor, Dainik Sanatan Prabhat) He had demanded that the film should be sent to Revising Committee; but that was also totally ignored, informed Shri. Kalyankar.


Members of Film Censor Board granting certification for release to film PK ! 

One member of the Censor Board viz. Shri. Satish Kalyankar raised objection to film PK but it was overlooked while granting certification of release to this film.

The members who supported PK were – 

1. Vijaya Charvak 
2. Sanjay Zillani 
3. Shweta Jadhav 
4. Gulshan Begum

There is breach of following regulations of Central Film Censor Board by film ‘PK’.

  • Regulation 2-13 – There should be no scenes or words in a film which will insult any social, religious or other faction of society.
  • Regulation 2-14 – Scenes or words related to sectarian, traditional, unscientific or anti-national tendencies should not be shown in a film.
  • Regulation 2-18 – Nothing should be shown which can endanger judicial system.
  • Regulation 2-19 – There should be no mud-slinging against any person and judicial system should not be insulted.
  • Regulation 3-2 – Film should be viewed considering country, period, prevalent limitations and people connected with films; but there should be no matter which can corrupt morality of people.

Source : Dainik Sanatan Prabhat