Vol.86 – Patriots Speak:: 23 Feb – 1st March 2015


Dear Enlightened Readers,


Violence quotient dominated the week under this is review:

•     Japan and China to resume security talks after 2011;

•     Pak to take up LoC violations at global fora;

•     Boko Haram continued their activities in Nigeria and Somalia;

•     ISIS have displayed keeping their captives in cages.

•     ISIS burnt 40 whom they had held in captivity;

•     ISIS started English teaching schools for foreign recruits;

•     Ukraine situation hardly shown any improvement;

•     Australia unveils strict anti-terror measures;

•     Egypt further tightened security precautions;

•     China also followed the suit;

•     “Wonder of the World”-Japan develops a clock that will lose only one second in 16 million years;

•     West Indian giant Chris Gayle made history in scoring the first double century in a world cup ODI match. Sincere congratulations to him.

•     A tie-up between the two most dangerous outfits, namely, ISIS and Al Qaeda, has been reported.

Thanking you & with regards,

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath

(On behalf of the Patriots’ Forum)

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Source: ​Patriot Forum

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