Who don’t have time to attend shakhas, can do so with our animated video – RSS Supporter

LUCKNOW: Buoyed by a sudden rise in the popularity of its ‘shakha’, the Sangh Parivar has now introduced its animated version which has gone viral on the social media. The video has received over 6,500 likes on facebook page of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

Animations are attractive. The younger generation is glued to social networking sites. Posting animated video of the shakha is the best and fastest way to reach out to a larger audience, particularly the young. We are getting a remarkable response from our (RSS) supporters,” said Ayush Nidimalli, sangh’s IT expert.

The video post on the FB page has received comments like ‘wonderful effort’, ‘relived past memories of a shakha’, ‘excellent job’ and ‘I love this animation’, ‘it (video) reminded me of childhood’. Shakha apna tantra hai, prarthana apna mantra hai (shakhas are instrumental in offering prayer for out nation). Those who do not have time to attend regular shakhas can do so with our animated video,” said a RSS supporter.

The 8.46-minute video shows the activities of a shakha — from queuing up, hoisting the RSS flag and reciting its prayer. It’s interesting especially for the new generation which has the least idea of what a shakha is. Also, people who were earlier associated with it can relive it in a different manner – the animation,” said Kripa Shanker, head, publicity wing, UP and Uttrakhand.

Former co-organiser, ABVP, Sunil Bansal told TOI that people have a perception that RSS is orthodox in its work. Sangh is progressive and has always changed with times. The only thing sangh doesn’t compromise on is ‘Hindutva’. The animated video of the shakha has helped spreading awareness among the youth – sangh’s most important part,” he says.

Activists said the video was prepared three years ago but it failed to pick up among the masses then. Seems Modi wave is behind this sudden popularity. The video is now on our mobile phones so that in case we forget any step, we can refer to it ,” said Deepak Kumar, a student who is a regular at shakhas.

Source: Times of India