Why Hindus are the best warriors

Before I start no one is denying that Hindus and Sikhs have had military failures but are successes outweigh failures.
Since the prehistoric age Vedic tribes from Central Asia mixed with indigenous Indians creating Hinduism.
Many Hindu Kingdoms since then have gone on too be military wonders. An Arab proverb reads as “”Persia is known for its archers, Turks for their cavalry and India for its armies”.

Various empires such as the CHOLA EMPIRE have ruled from India to Indonesia and Malaysia, these where made up off TAMIL WARRIORS.

The army of Porus which ruled in Modern day Pakistan was that of the Hindu Pauravas and they although losing to Alexander managed to give him his toughest ever match and caused much tiredness for him. He was eventually to scared to face another Hindu Empire which was the Nanda Empire and his army mutinied.
Then we come to Seculus who had to face the Maurya Empire and got destroyed because they are fags.
Maurayans are proud Hindu warriors. This shows Hindu dominance

Then we come to Jats who ruled Bharatpur state and fucked Mughals.

Now we reach Marathas who conquered most of India and gave Mughals the last dose of the deathly Hindu injection. Marathas where very brave and beat Muslims for fun although they lost a few battles themselves.

Now we reach Sikh Empire who had only been a religion for 200 years but went on the conquer parts of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Vijay nagar Empire defeated Muslims various times because South Indian Hindu power is evident.

Ahom Kingdom in Assam defeated Mughals numerous times and where never conquered.

Anything else my Hindu brothers can add?

Source: Pakistan Defence