Women’s Commission should resign in Kalpana Giri killing case – Hindu Nationalist Party “BJP”

In the hustle and bustle of elections, Congress rulers tried to suppress murder of its own city General Secretary, advocate Kalpana Giri from Latur; but they did not succeed. After Mahendra Singh Chauhan was selected as District-President of Latur, Kalpana and he had altercation. Out of this rivalry, Mahendra Singh raped Kalpana on 21st March and threw her in the lake killing her, with the help of Samir Killarikar. This is what police have deduced. Chavan and Killarikar are arrested. It is a depiction of nature of Congress and its overall politics. It also indicates how politics has been stricken with selfishness, strife, hunger for power, hunger for post etc.
Biased incompetence of State Women’s Commission !

Even after 14 days since the murder took place, no action has been taken by former city-President, Usha Kambale of State Women’s Commission or by NCP’s Asha Bhise; therefore, advocate Smita Parchure, zonal- Secretary of BJP’s Women’s Wing and Dr. Geetanjali Patil have demanded that such members of Women’s Commission should resign. Despite murder of a woman from own party, the Chief of Women’s Commission who originally belonged to Congress, is indifferent which is very infuriating. These women, who otherwise make a hue and cry on the basis of even a false complaint lodged by any non-Hindu woman, have not bothered to visit Kalpana Giri’s house. Such is the mentality of Congress party-men. It is bias of these women towards killing of woman from own party. Will such Commission do justice to ordinary women ? After Shiv Sena MLA, Dr. Neelam Gorhe and BJP attacked callousness of State Women’s Commission, it has now asked for report on the incident just to show that something is being done. Congress Women’s Front has warned that they would stage agiatation if CBI inquiry is not conducted into Kalpana Giri’s murder; but they are not getting positive response from local Congressmen.
Heart-rending shriek of democracy !

Kalpana’s parents, who are keeping an eye on all the happenings, have said that their daughter was a victim of Congress and they were boycotting elections. It won’t be wrong to say that such reaction is a heart-rending shriek exhibiting futility of democracy. Various organizations and college youth came together and set up a forum called ‘Youth for justice’. The youth have demanded that true master-mind of this murder should be nabbed who is still scot-free; Giri family should be provided protection and post mortem report of Kalpana Giri should be published. They should, however, strongly follow up their demands; because it has been experience with regard to Congress that agitations are stopped when the activists start getting threats. A lady office bearer of Congress has been killed and citizens have to stage agitations, is height of incompetence of Congress !
Ruthless Rahul and sensitive Modi !

The height of insensitivity of rulers was exhibited by Rahul Gandhi ! There was an election rally of Rahul Gandhi in Latur earlier. He did not say a word about Giri’s murder; but talked about BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s marital status; so Gandhi paying visit to Giri’s family was out of question. He, however, did not make even enquiry about Giri’s family with his party-workers. Congress, which is otherwise blowing trumpets of empowerment of woman, turned out to be making hollow claims and was criticized by people and media. Crowd gathering for Rahul Gadnhi’s rallies reduced to such an extent after Latur rally that people were not ready to come even after getting Rs. 200 each. If women in Congress party itself are not safe, how can such party work for empowerment of other women in this country; but Rahul Gandhi has turned away from this issue. The ‘Nirbhaya’ financial scheme, that Rahul has been bragging about and making announcements in election campaigns, has never been used in any State so far. Under this scheme, Congress had even made announcement, for cheap publicity, of opening police stations especially for protection of women with lady staff which is still lying on paper. In Maharashtra also, the ‘Nirbhaya Scheme’ has turned out to be a fiasco. It shows that unreliable schemes of Congress do not value ordinary people’s lives. On the other hand, Shri. Narendra Modi has taken up the issue of protection of women. In his rally at Latur, he not only talked about Giri’s murder but also enquired after Giri family; assuring them of getting justice. It shows who is really concerned about women’s security.
Need for Hindu Rashtra !

Whatever be the outcome of elections, Giri murder has brought forth obscene nature of politics played by Congress. Congress has ruled over this country for the past 66 years and taken the country to obliteration. At such time, just one wave of a leader like Narendra Modi is not enough; but getting rulers, who are concerned about welfare of people and running this country based on the policies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, is the need of the hour and for that there is no alternative but to establish Hindu Rashtra !

Source: Dainik Sanatan Prabhat