World Hindu News Marks 10 Years of News Media Operations

World Hindu News marked its 10th anniversary on 13 Nov 2023. Inaugurated in Nov2013 by eminent Hindu leaders – Swami Vigyananand ji  (World Hindu Economic Forum Chief), Late. Dr. Mahesh Mehta (Patriarch of many American Hindu organizations), Shri. Ashok Chowgule (Senior VHP leader) and blessed by Dilip Kumar Mehta, Senior Hindu ideologue. World Hindu News was one of the very few pro-Hindu digital news portals of that era(prior2014), when publishing about Hindus or Hinduism was considered a taboo, forget about running a news portal which is for Hindus and Hinduism. Today, after ten years of Modi’s governance and the associated rise of the Hindu voice, where one can see tens of Hindu portals, and social media channels, back in the early 2000s and the era before there were selected few Hindu News portals during that period, namely Hinduism today, Chakra News, Hindu Existence, Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Hindu Voice, Swarajya globally.

World Hindu News startup has an interesting story. In early 2013, the World Hindu Economic Forum (WHEF) first conference took place in Dallas, US. Rahul C. Sharma, (Senior VHPA functionary leader and project manager of WHEF America), sent events press releases (photos, content) to more than fifteen Indian digital newspapers in the US and a few US news agencies also like India Herald, Indo-American News, India West to name a few etc., however to his surprise and shock, no newspaper published that news. Later Rahul called some editors also whom he knew personally, but still nothing moved. So much apathy and boycott were there for ‘Hindu’ word news, that even if the conference was on the Hindu economy, still it was deemed communal. It was all due to the fearful Anti Hindu environment which was created by successive Anti Hindu socio-political systems in India, the US, and globally. Rahul felt helpless, dejected, and disappointed and expressed this to his Guru, Rajiv Varma from Houston, who advised him to open up a Digital Hindu news portal for Hindus, under the Global Hindu Foundation- Alternative Media Development Program. Later after nine months of product design, development, and testing, the World Hindu News operational portal was completed in Oct’13, leading to its launch press release. Rajiv Varma’s guidance and experienced expert direction were instrumental in making World Hindu News a reality.

Rahul Sharma with Rajiv Varma - Houston,US

Rahul C. Sharma with Rajiv Varma – Houston, US

In the initial period, the portal received support, and sponsorship from many individuals and organizations, which led to its initial sustainability in its nascent vulnerable period. VHPA, USHA, VHP, HMSA, GHF, and many eminent Hindu leaders welcomed  World Hindu News. World Hindu News has an advisory, editorial, and technical, comprising subject matter experts. From Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA) also he received good blessings and support from his leadership -Gaurang Vaishnav, Sanjay Mehta, Late. Dr. Mahesh Mehta, Dr. Abhaya Asthana, Gokul Kunnath.

Swami Vijayananda ji & Rahul at first World Hindu Economic Forum conference on US soil in Dallas,US

Swami Vigyananand  ji & Rahul at first World Hindu Economic Forum conference on US soil in Dallas,US






World Hindu News is a registered trademark at the US Patent Trademark Association (USPTO), a program under Global Hindu Foundation Inc., US, operated by Empower News Media Enterprise. It has physical offices in India. Legal & compliance advisors in the US, and India. In the past decade, it has published more than 7000 news posts, and once its readership rose to million plus.

The unique feature of World Hindu News, which differentiates it from other Dharmic Hindu portals is that it’s a-political, neither governed by a specific political nor social agenda, nor specific to any social political party or organization. It publishes news of Hindus and Hinduism without any filtration. If there is a news that has words like Hindus, Hinduism, and Sanatan Dharma, it’s eligible for World Hindu News. News that impacts the Hindu motherland, Bharat (India), fits well too. Second, it has a publishing scope worldwide, not just specific to India, the US, or regions where the Hindu population has a larger presence. As per years of Google Analytics, we have seen readership from 140+ countries.

World Hindu News digital media system, operational framework, and editorial policy architecture are robust, well-defined, and legally compliant. World Hindu News has received many unsubstantiated notices in the past from 3rd parties having  Anti Hindu, and Anti-India agendas, however, they couldn’t succeed due to its professional setup. There has been many attempts to hack, disable, spam, trojan it’s digital set up, by the auspicious blessings of Lord Rama, all failed. Security maintenance is a continuous efforts as Hindu haters are both inside and outside society, waiting for an opportunity to do damage.

When the Genocide of Yazidis was ongoing by Islamic State in Syria, World Hindu News gave an exception to its publishing policy as nobody was properly publishing news of victimized Yazidi, on the request of S. Mukherjee, who was close to Yazidi social groups in the US, Genocide of World Hindu News supported and published many human rights violations News, which was circulated well in US, making citizens and political system aware of atrocities committed. Throughout it’s publication history, World Hindu News has supported publication needs of countless individuals and organizations, whether it’s cultural, social, political or human rights content impacting Hindus and Hinduism.

From time to time World Hindu News has supported news media causes of Hindus. For example, in 2014, during India’s general elections, World Hindu News openly supported news, views, articles, and press releases of Indian PM Narendra Modi as he is a practicing Nationalist Hindu and his victory was essential to save Hindus, Hinduism, their motherland India and worldwide Hindus from evil sinister Anti-Hindu Anti India global forces. At that time World Hindu News was also leading South East US Global Indians for Bharat Vikas, a global movement aiming to bring Narendra Modi’s victory in 2014 General elections. Whenever there is a threat to Hindus, Hinduism, World Hindu News has exhibited a fearless publishing policy.

From time to time and as per Hindu society’s needs, World Hindu News editorial policy does make an exception. World Hindu News has dedicated pages on Pakistan and Bangladesh where Hindu human rights violations have reached a peak and systematic genocide is occurring. Its impact can be gauged from the fact that one’s World Hindu News interviewed the parents of a missing kidnapped Hindu girl in Pakistan, later after a few weeks the abductors released the girl and the parents expressed sincere thanks to World Hindu News.

WHN is comprising opinions, and views of Hindu leaders on World Hindu News, which will be published later this year on its 11th anniversary.

World Hindu News readership ecosystem consists of web-based readership, organic and returning users, 15 thousand Facebook followers, 7.5 thousand Twitter subscribers, 5 thousand newsletter email subscribers, and dedicated global and continental WhatsApp groups. On average news published on the World Hindu News portal reaches 100 thousand users readership in year by Hindus and friends of Hindus.

World Hindu News also has an advertisement policy that disallows non-Hindu, other Abrahamic faiths advertising, Porn, Gambling, spam, 3rd party links, and other non-Hindu, Hinduism content. This policy keeps the portal & its content pristine and reader-friendly. However, this policy doesn’t support Google advertising and other automated advertising agencies’ policies, which demand unconditional advertising content and specific portal layout, leading to no such revenue scope. As of now, the majority of funding is from a few loyal subscribers and the Industrial engineering businesses of its president. Though,  World Hindu News president Rahul C. Sharma is satisfied that in its ten years of operation, he has not led any compromise on World Hindu News quality, and editorial philosophy. In 2017, at the Global Dharma Conference in New Jersey, one former UN associate of Indian origin offered half a million USD (3.5Cr) however, its president Rahul Sharma politely refused it citing trust, promises it made to its founders, mentors, supporters and well-wishers in serving Hindu news requirements of 1Billion Hindus, instead requested the buyer to become paid e-newsletter subscriber, which he didn’t.

On its 10th anniversary, World Hindu News president and editor in chief, Rahul Sharma express his heartfelt thanks to founders, strategist advisors, sponsors, legal advisors, readers, promoters, IT partners, co-editors, publishers, and well-wishers. With a serious and dedicated mindset, he plans to start paper paper-based publication of World Hindu News in northern India, and also World Hindu News TV shortly. Though funding of USD 1 million (8Cr.) for print and USD 2 million (15Cr.) is needed for such ventures, Rahul C. Sharma, with his 15+ years of Hindu works legacy ( positive that pro Dharmic and pro Bharat business houses will certainly invest in World Hindu News. He plans to write letters seeking financial investments to certain business houses.


He expresses that now time is right to report, public, and circulate as much Hindu, and Hinduism news as possible shouldering the wheel of Sanatan Dharma. Hindus still lack powerful, independent & professional digital, TV & print media houses today with global presence and news agencies that not only accommodate Indian Hindus but also equally give share to overseas Hindus news, views, programs, and human rights.

Alongside partnerships with existing pro Dharmic news portals, on news reporting, publishing, and distribution. World Hindu News is also proud to be a member of the Samachar Manyata Association for Research and Training (SMaRT). Smart is a confederation of nationalistic media organizations It has 200+ media as our members with cumulative web traffic and social media reach of over 100 million +.

There is a saying that if for a Hindu, Hindu organization if no one is publishing their news, World Hindu News will publish it. It’s for Hindus, by Hindus, of Hindus.