Yoga guru Baba Ramdev calls for social boycott of PK

baba-ramdev--pic realityviewsNEW DELHI: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Sunday called for a social boycott of those involved in the making of theAamir Khan movie ‘PK’ as it has criticised Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Ramdev, who was in Mumbai to condone the death of the mother of one of his followers, Sudhakar Shetty, slammed those making such movies that according to him “denigrated” the Hindu “culture and religion”.

“People think a 100 times while talking against Islam. However, when it comes to Hinduism any one gets up and says anything, this is shameful,” said Ramdev. He those involved in making such films should be shunned and should be ‘socially boycotted’. ” There should be a social boycott in society against those who are involved in making such movies. It has become a hobby of some people to denigrate Hindu Gods and Goddesses…and insult our saints,” alleged Baba Ramdev.

On Sunday, the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti slammed BJP Leader LK Advani who had watched the movie and had praised it calling the movie a “wonderful and courageous film”. HJS said that it was “unfortunate” that Advani had praised the film.

Source: The Economic Times