179 Hindu devotees leave for pilgrimage in Pakistan

179-hindu-devotees-leave-for-pilgrimage-in-pakistan-14498354761017_29520Amritsar, Dec 11 (ANI): A group of 179 Hindu devotees left for a pilgrimage in neighbouring Pakistan from Amritsar city of Punjab. The pilgrims will be paying obeisance at Krishna temple, dedicated to Lord Krishna, in Lahore. The pilgrims will also be visiting a cluster of temples of the Mahabharata (an ancient and revered Hindu epic) era at Katasraj in Chakwal district of Pakistan. Every year, Hindu devotees visit shrines in Pakistan in batches. Organiser of the pilgrimage, Shiv Pratap Bajaj, said that the limit on the number of pilgrims should be increased. Hindus believe the tears of Shiva, Hindu god of destruction, fell in the pond at the Shiva temple at Katasraj after the death of his wife Sati. A devotee, Dakshaben B. Naik, was delighted to be finally heading for the pilgrimage. The devotees offered prayers at the Sikh shrine of Golden Temple before finally leaving for their trip. The pilgrims will return on December 16.

Source: Business Standard