80% of the Indian Member of Parliaments support Hindutva (Cultural Nationalism)

RANCHI: Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) found its wing Vishesh Sampark’s report encouraging as far as the country’s elected representatives’ stand in the Hindutva matter and construction of Ram temple is concerned.

International working president Praveen Togadia on Sunday said he was surprised to know that “around 80% of the MPs” in the country support stand on Hindutva.

Togadia, who chaired the national committee meet of Vishesh Sampark – VHP’s media wing – here on Sunday, shared the results with the media.

Togadia said that the committee held communication with over 500 MPs of the country to know their stand over Hindutva and propositions of as far as construction of temple is concerned.

“We were pleasantly surprised to know that around 80% of the MPs, including many from the South India like DMK, have supported VHP’s stand on Hindutva and nationalism,” he said. adding that most of the MPs have expressed support to temple as well though citing political compulsions as a limiting factor.

“Our team will reach out to the administrators and MPs and try to look for a legal platform using which temple construction could be considered,” he said. Togadia stressed that if Parliament can bring legislation to surpass court decision in Shahbano case they can do the same for temple construction.

Unwilling to announce support to BJP or Narendra Modi in the capacity of prime ministerial candidate, Togadia clarified that the is ready to support any party or individual who talks about welfare of Hindus. “No political party can ignore the majority if it wants to win election and would support the party which includes welfare of Hindus in its manifesto,” he said.

Togadia also reiterated VHPs stand on Article 370 and said that two laws cannot be tolerated in the country and called upon the political parties to be specific in the matter.

Announcing to intensify seva prakalp of the parished to commemorate 50 years of foundation the is going to launch national wide free medical consultancy services. “Starting with Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Delhi the service of free medical consulatcy would be extended to all the state capitals in one year and at teh district level within three years,” Togadia said.

Source: Times Of India