Mangalore: Need to choose leader who can protect Hindu religion: HJS

Mangalore, Jan 19: “Today Hindu religion is facing several challenges and attacks from various quarters. Kashmir Pandits are thrown out from Kashmir, and in their own country they have been living as refugees. Our politicians are appeasing the minorities for the purpose of vote bank. Though the Hindus are being attacked in several ways, no one speaks of the injustice faced by Hindus,” said Mohan Gowda spokesperson of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

He was addressing an awareness meet on Hindu religion held at SDM Law College here on Sunday January 19.

“Our religion as well as our country are dogged by several problems like terrorism, conversion, infiltration of Bangladeshis and so on, hence choosing the right person as the leader of this country, especially one who defends Hindutva and protects the Hindu religion, is our responsibility. Hindu politicians who came to power forgot their promise of building the Ram Mandir and safeguarding Hindutva,” he added.

He further said, “India is rich in natural resources but corrupt politicians have looted the country. We should have the agenda of building a Hindu Rashtra, which means a way of living that gives importance to all living beings. A revolution is essential to form a Hindu Rashtra and if the revolution happens, we can achieve this goal by 2023.”

Lakshmi Pai said, “We need to contemplate over the problems facing Hindu religion. We failed to retaliate against the attack on Hindus. Our history has been twisted; we have even forgotten our own history. The saffron colour of Bhagavad Dhwaja is a symbol of sacrifice.

“Great personalities such as V D Savarkar, Bhagat Singh, Lokamanya Tilak are depicted as ‘terrorists’ in NCERT school text books. Innocent Hindus are booked under false allegations of spreading terror. Hindu sentiments are deliberately hurt by slaughtering the cow. Hence it is time for Hindus to work towards preserving the Hindu culture, heritage and spirituality of this nation,” she added.

On this occasion Anantha Madhav Kamath and advocate Ramdas Nayak expressed their views on issues facing Hindu religion.

Kuntaru Ravish Tantri was present on this occasion.

Source: Daijiworld